Bathroom Makeover

One of my favourite rooms in our house is the downstairs washroom, I know that sounds weird but the way this room came together just makes me happy happy happy (should I mention I have an unexplainable love for Duck Dynasty).

As I have mentioned before, when we bought our house it was perfectly functional but was less than pretty.  My Mom has been her own Martha Stewart since I was little, so I have always been inspired by that amazing woman who raised me to craft, decorate and DIY.  Well my creative spirit was simply amplified when I was exposed to crack… I mean Pinterest!  As I’m sure all of you know, Pinterest is a highly addictive site that I sadly didn’t know about when wedding planning but lucky me (and not so lucky Patrick) was something I joined right around the time we bought our house.

The board and batten treatment that is seen basically everywhere was something I knew I wanted to do, and when I found these green and white geometric towels, I determined the downstairs bath was just the room for this special wall treatment!

Here is what the bathroom looked like when we did our walk through.

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogCheck out that vanity!

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogI love a good bubble bath and this deep Jacuzzi soaker tub (after a serious bleach cleaning) was calling my name!

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogYou’re probably hoping we kept that sweet floral print shower curtain.

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogOh yes, the dollar store mirror, gotta love it!

As you can see it is a perfectly functional bathroom but aside from the gorgeous floral shower curtain (sorry if you have a love for floral shower curtains) this was not a pretty room by any means.  So I headed out to our favourite store since becoming home owners, Home Depot and picked up all the trim and moulding I needed to get the project under way.  I think it was when I was hauling the mitre saw out of the back shed that Patrick decided to intervene, and with his help this was a quick and easy project!

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogThere are all my lovely cut and pre-primed pieces of moulding

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogApparently this project may have involved Miller Chills…..

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogBye-bye dollar store mirror, it made its way to our local Habitat Restore where I am sure it found a lovely new home!

So, after a little bit of demolition to remove the shelves that we found out were caulked in between the wall and the vanity (thanks previous owners) some paint, ok a lot of paint, some lovely new moulding to create the board and batten treatment, a repurposing of the light fixture and mirror removed from the upstairs bathroom, some new hardware and a new shower curtain (they took the flowers with them I swear) we went from this…Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

to this

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

Do you hear those cute little cherubs playing their little angelic harps when you see this or is that just me?  I am so in love with this bathroom makeover I would probably live in this room if it wasn’t the bathroom and that would be weird.

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

As you can see, we painted the existing vanity.  We planned on replacing it completely but after the job the Benjamin Moore Advance did on the kitchen makeover, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it on this piece seeing as we were planning on scrapping it anyway, if it didn’t work well nothing ventured nothing gained.  I used paint we already had and picked up some inexpensive hardware to replace the cheapy plastic knobs it had and LOVE how it turned out!

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

The Mirror and light fixture are actually just transplants from the upstairs bath.  I knew I didn’t want them up there but it seemed like a shame to get rid of them all together so we simply moved them down to this bathroom and at $0 they were great cost savings and they look like they were made for this room! I would love to change the faucet to match the brushed nickel finish of all the other accessories in the room, but that’s for another day!

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

As you can see we had to part with the floral shower curtain when the previous owners took it with them so I opted for a basic white waffle.  This truly is one of my favourite rooms in the house, I love how it came together and I love that the colour are fun but not too overpowering.  The colours we used in this room are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace for the board and batten and all the trim and Terrapin Green for the upper half of the walls.

The Before and After

Bathroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog


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