Turtle Turtle

Allow me to take you back…
waaaaaaaay back…..
to a decade you may not even recall…
a decade I don’t recall ever existing…..

Back to when the kitchen of our ONLY 14 year-old house


Simply Style - Kitchen Before



No your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a real live kitchen in the real live house that we actually were in competing offers for…. believe… or not {no but seriously I’m not kidding}!

After a whole lota primer, paint and elbow grease we managed to transform our lemon lime dream kitchen to something a little more manageable…. it looks like this

Simply Style Blog - Turtle Turtle

 She aint fancy, but it is pretty amazing what a little paint and hardware can do isn’t it!

Though our chocolate brown {for now} kitchen it a heck of a lot better than the yellow and lime mess we were working with, we pretty much stripped this space of like all it’s personality.  Enter TURTLE!

Simply Style Blog - Turtle Turtle

I was wandering my fav local thrift store {Vinnie’s} when I stumbled upon this open shelled beauty.  While other’s may have overlooked this $1 dude, I saw nothing but opportunity for him!

I brought him home, doused him in a coat of white spray paint and voila!

Simply Style Blog - Turtle Turtle

Like an all new man… I mean turtle!

Now you are probably wondering, what the heck are you going to do with this turtle who is missing half his shell.  Well to you strange person asking me rhetorical questions {wait that’s me} I am going to add a little personality to my kitchen that’s what.

Simply Style Blog - Turtle Turtle

ta-da, sure I could have painted him a fun bright colour but lets me honest after this mess

Simply Style - Kitchen Before

a little white turtle to hold sponges is about all I can handle…
I’m working on it with my therapist {ps. I don’t have a therapist}

So there you have it, an easy peasy ceramic animal makeover to add a little “personality” to your space!

Simply Style - Turtle Turtle


You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks … or can you?!

It was bound to happen eventually.

 a finished post.



Now I know how all those vetran bloggers that I stalk follow have felt. You dedicate time and energy and obviously your clever whit {not so much} just to see the whole thing circle down the drain.  Wait, if I had known it was going maybe I could have stopped it… either way.  It’s gone.

Believe it or not I am sharing another project that does involve coral and gold {go me!} well sort of.  I may or may not have attacked part of this project with gold spray paint just to be swiftly put back in my place… but we’ll get to that!

Remember way back when I had an ever so successful garage sale and hand me down inheriting weekend and my amazing in-laws sent this pretty ol’ gal to us?

Simply Style Blog{in all her legless glory}

Well she moved into the shed next to the to-be-recovered-wing chair, the coffee table soon-to-be bench and the other miscellaneous projects I hide from my husband {just kidding}!

A few weekends later, while waiting to head to my girlfriends to have a furniture painting party {what you don’t rock those every Sunday} I decided I had enough time to get this pretty lady started with a coat of primer so I drug her out of the shed and gave her back her legs.

Simply Style Blog{before}

Obviously I used a my most favourite Stix primer that I pick up at my local Benjamin Moore Store.

Simply Style Blog{primed}

A coat or two later, and with still lots of time to spare, I was ready for paint.  Remember I lack patience so when I am ready, so is my project!

Simply Style Blog

Using my tried and true furniture paint, Benjamin Moore Advance but in a whole new colour…

Simply Style Blog

Now that’s colour!

Simply Style Blog

A coat or two later, I was {almost} done with this lovely lady and off to tackle dresser #2 for the day! Remember this one:

Simply Style Blog

Well Big Bertha up top here combined with 3 failed attempts to find replacement hardware forced my pretty little lady of a dresser to take a back seat for awhile. But I finally decided it was time to finish her up and it came when I first discovered GOLD!!!

See the problem here is this pretty little lady, she ain’t no spring chicken and as such her um… holes, were a little different than those sleek new dressers of today.  Well they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you sure can give old dresser hardware a fresh new coat of spray paint.

I mentioned my mishap at the beginning of this post which came when I sprayed all of the existing hardware gold.  I loved the colour combo but unfortunately this just wasn’t going to work in the silver and grey room where this dresser was destined sooooo back outside {with silver spray paint in tow} I went and when all was said and done this is what I had created:

Simply Style Blog

What do you think?  Not too bad for an old girl is she?  Amazing what a little paint and some updating of old hardware can do.  Plus this girl’s still got legs!

Simply Style Blog
{before & after}

Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror

Have you ever seen something you love but when you check out the price tag your bank account doesn’t love it so much?  If you’re anything like me that happens all too often!

Awhile back I shared this mirror that I spotted at… you guessed it, HomeSense!

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{HomeSense Rope Mirror}

When I saw this I kind of fell in love, but, though not “designer” the $79.99 price tag was not really working for me.  As I stared longingly at this mirror in the middle of HomeSense I realized, DIY duh@!!

I often look at items and determine whether they are DIYable or not.  Let’s be honest, you can’t DIY everything but you CAN DIY many things, and this rope mirror was one of them.

So that being said I was on the lookout for a large round mirror.  I considered other ways to make these DIY possible including finding a smaller round mirror, mounting it on a round of plywood and roping the wood, but, if you have ever read another post you know I like a quick and easy DIY better than anything so all the “work” involved in the wood option was so not rocking my world.

What did rock my world was a trip to Vinnie’s the other day.  On a whim I stopped in one evening on my way home from work and when I looked in the basket of mirrors and found two large round mirror options, I heard those little chubby cherubs singing their angelic songs of praise {what?!}.  One was a perfect plain round mirror, the other had a slightly not so perfect pond flower etching around the boarder {barf}.  I obviously instantly grabbed the better looking of the two but then for some reason my forward thinking self stepped in {thankfully} and when I flipped over that good looking round mirror there was no way to hang it! Knowing that finding a way to make this mirror work was going to involve a lot of work, I decided that the pond themed one deserved a second look.  When I flipped it over and saw a very secure hanging system I quickly ditched the good looking one and picked up my homely mirror and headed up front.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{the before}

The $15 price tag a a little more than I was hoping to spend on my used {and very ugly} mirror, but since all the other materials for this project were already in my craft supply, I knew it would be my only investment in this mirror and $15 vs. $80 +tax price tag left me still coming out on top!

This was an evening project.  I sat down with my thrifted mirror, the same rope I used for my rope lamp revamp, and my handy dandy glue gun {and a whole truck load of glue sticks} and got to work.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{my supplies}

I started by using the same technique I had developed when created my rope wrapped lamp by putting lines of glue on the mirror and then placing the rope.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{gluing the rope}

Then I realized I could do glue “dots” and this technique was a helluva lot easier on my hands since I wasn’t fighting as much with my glue gun.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{the better technique}

So I would place a few beads of glue, then rope and set that on repeat for an hour and half or so as I enjoyed some Resale Royalty on the DVR.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{placing the rope}

I went around and around and around and around.  This is not a tough project as you can see.  Once I had enough rounds of rope on my mirror I thinned out the end of the rope so I could “camouflage” it into the end and not have such an abrupt or obvious stop.  And here is the final product:

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{Not so bad for an ugly $15 mirror}

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror

What do you think of this upcycled transformation?  Is the rope mirror working for you?  I am kind of loving the rope accents for the family room and now that I have a rope mirror and rope lamp and only a little bit of free rope left, I am thinking I need to create one of these rope handle trays I came across while perusing some design magazines this weekend.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{rope handled tray}

If I wasn’t loving my rope accents enough lately, this weekend while at HomeSense I came across this version of the rope mirror.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{HomeSense rope mirror}

I prefer the more nautical vibe of the first one and the one I created but this definitely displays the infinite possibilities when working with rope!

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror