Rustic All Season Centrepiece

I am in full fledge Christmas mode.  I have been since just after Remembrance Day.  For some reason I am so excited for Christmas this year.  Last year was our first Christmas in our house and we hosted both our families here.  We will be doing the same thing again this year and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I had most of our Christmas decorations up early but had no idea what to do for our table centrepiece.  I love Christmas but I like to keep the seasonal decor to a minimum so that we aren’t left with bins upon bins of decor that needs to be stored for 10+ months out of the year.  When it came to our centrepiece I really wanted something impactful for the holidays but that could also transition through all four seasons {or at least 2 or 3}.

I stumbled upon the Lemonade Making Momma’s post sharing her Thanksgiving decor and that is when I saw it and knew I had to have it.  I showed my darling hubby the pictures and then convinced him to accompany me to Home Depot to collect the supplies to DIY one of these bad boys.  After some back and forth in the lumber aisles my vision finally came together in his head and we were off to the races.  He banged out this project for me in under an hour last weekend and I am so totally in love {with him and the centre piece}!






As you can see we are not exactly master carpenters but, we were going for the rustic look so the “rough” look is totally okay with us!

To create our Rustic All Season Centrepiece we picked up one 6 x 1 x 8 {or those numbers in some other order} and one 3 x 1 x 8 in knotty pine.  I decided I wanted the centrepiece to be 4ft long and Patrick got to cutting all the pieces.  Not without a little supervision from our resident foreman….



We put everything together with some framing nails that were chosen for ecstatic reasons only and once we had it all pieced together, I used some acrylic craft paint to give it the white washed finish.


I am looking forward to sharing more pictures this week of our christmas decor!

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Thrifting Finds

It has seem to become routine around here, Saturday mornings I head out to our local farmer’s market to pick up our fruits, veggies and the occasional bag of mini doughnuts {i cannot say no to those little bite size pastries} and then pop into the few “thrift” spots we have in Peterborough.

What do I actually need?  Not much to be honest.  As you know I am obsessed with getting my hands on the most perfect cane tub chair ever so I am obviously always on the look out for one of those but other than that I simply go to peruse.  I can always use more “decor” items and I love a good thrift store price so that when I change my mood in a week little while, I don’t feel as guilty for retiring said decor items.

So what did I find this weekend?


This wicker table is a $4 find from our local re-store. It is currently homeless but for $4 I couldn’t leave it behind… I hope I am not establishing hoarder tendencies… I just loved it!Image

Shaq loves it too!Image

I scored this collection of embroidery hoops for $1.99 at Value Village, these I know EXACTLY what I am going to do with!Image

I almost missed this globe while shopping Vinnies but noticed it just before I headed to the cash.  For $7 it was coming home with me.  Not sure if I will give it a mini-makeover or where it will live but a $7 globe is something I couldn’t walk away from.


Remember when I mentioned my new found love for duck decoys here?  Well little did I know those rustic creatures have made an obvious resurgence thanks to my favourite celebrity self proclaimed rednecks and now cost a pretty penny.  This little made in Canada terracotta version was only $1.99 and will be receiving a coat of gold spray paint very soon!


This sweet little pinecone was only $2.99 and I thought it would make the greatest addition to some shelf styling!Image

I almost jumped for joy when I saw this little weaved ceramic dish for only $1
As you may recall I love being able to DIY “designer on a dime“.  The idea of being able to create something you have seen but for a whole lot less is so exciting to me.  I have been eyeing these metallic trays at HomeSense for quite a while

Image{HomeSense – $14.99 – $19.99}

Well with a little spray paint I have on hand, I will be able to make my $1 dish look just like this AND I will save almost $15!


I have wanted to do a tray for some time now. This big blue one was $6.99 at Value Village and will make a great addition to the coral and gold spare bedroom…. ummmm after a makeover of course!


My last find is this super cool sewing table.  I loved the architectural detail of the front and was pretty excited when I saw what else this little table had in store.Image

Spool storage on the right and drawers on the left.


And the top opens up to give you an extra long work space.  She was only $15 and is currently living in the shed, but I am excited to give her a facelift once I convince my lovely husband I am changing the office colour scheme… don’t hold your breath sewing table you may continue to breathe gas fumes for some time….

I am thinking this may be the first piece I do and sell because I am just not sure she has a home here.

As you can see I found lots of “goodies” out on my adventures but my most exciting purchase this weekend was of course my new DSLR camera that I am so so so so over the moon excited about. So that being said, I think my Saturday morning thrifting adventures may need to come to a halt for sometime, that is unless I see that cane tub chair that eludes me!

Flea Market Finds

This weekend I stumbled upon the fact that just 10 minutes outside of my little city in one of the cutest little towns there exists a Sunday antique and collectibles flea market.  I don’t know how I didn’t learn about this until now, but I quickly decided that Sunday morning I would be heading out there to take a browse.

I have been on the hunt for a cane barrel/tub chair as a project for the coral & gold spare room and was hoping I may luck into one at this hidden gem.  I am obsessed with the idea of redoing one {likely in gold} and as you can see below, I am not alone in this love of the cane chair.

{AM Dolce Vita}

{11 Magnolia Lane}

{the cards we drew}

{apartment therapy}

Unfortunately my beloved cane chair still eludes me but I did manage to find a few cute decor scores at this “flea market” I found.

I love the look of deer antlers as decor items.  NOT the great big shot this buck dead and took them off his head antlers. NO, definitely not those.  I prefer the, I am a deer still in the land of the living and rubbed my antler off on a tree but will grow a new pair next year.  Those are the antlers I am about.

My mom very luckily found one on a walk with the dogs one day and ever since I have been obsessed.  Again, not alone in this horny pursuit {had to do it} check out what other bloggers are doing with their deer antlers.

{at home in love}

{11 magnolia lane}

{of beauty and love}

Never mind that duck decoy, I am totally obsessed but the $70++ price tag they were carrying at the “antique” flea market was not making me happy-happy-happy so the duck decoy, must wait.  I did however score an antler of my own to incorporate into one of our rooms.

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It hasn’t found a permanent home since the coral & gold room is under construction it is temporarily in there.  It’ll have to be kept somewhere high because this guy loves his naturally shed deer antlers!

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{no deer were harmed by this beast}

I have also had on my mind that I want some really fun bookends but hadn’t found anything I was sold on in the retail market.  Well my other find at the flea market were these owl book ends that I totally loved and proudly “negotiated” for.

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Aren’t they just the cutest?  I scored these guys for just $10.  Sure I would have loved to leave with some $1 finds but I would rather get something I have been looking for than a bunch of stuff I had no intention of ever getting!

I would call this flea market adventure a success, I will definitely be back to see what other fun finds I can score from the more reasonable vendors!