My Therapy

I have a confession to make.  Well for those that know me, they would suggest this is not a confession at all, it’s no secret but…. I love HomeSense.  Now some may say that my addiction to shopping goes beyond HomeSense and in reality is to any and every kind of shopping and though this may be true, that is not what I am talking about today.  Today I am talking about my therapy sessions.  Are you wondering what I mean by that?  Have you ever had a particularly bad day? Were feeling down? Stressed? Sad? or just blah?  Well when I am having one of those days (or really any day) I head over to one of my favourite destinations, HomeSense.

For those of you that don’t know what HomeSense is, HomeSense is a big “discount” home store.  For my friends south of the boarder, think Home Goods, they are one in the same! HomeSense is the sister of Winners, spawn of Marshall’s and close cousin to TJMaxx.  I absolutely love wandering the aisles of this place, and generally leave with nothing but I just love seeing what new, odd, unique or perfect home decor items I can find.

Now I didn’t head over to HomeSense today but I decided I would clean up my pictures on my phone (yes all my pictures are from my iphone until I get myself a shiny new DSLR …. dreaming dreaming dreaming).  Anyways, in my purging I discovered all the pictures I take on my shopping adventures.  I love taking shots of furniture and design pieces I like, they either act as DIY inspiration or just future purchase inspiration.  Well I have decided to share some of my favourites with you.

I love pictures and this is going to be a lot of them.  I will warn you most of these are months old and if you know how HomeSense works you know the turnover rate is Q-U-I-C-K! So many of these items are not likely available anymore but, hopefully they can act as inspiration for you, as they did for me!


Loved this oversized armchair, it had a great traditional feel but the pattern was fun and it was like a chair and a half (how I love the chair and a half)


I fell in love with this pintuck charcoal duvet, I didn’t buy it and regretted it everyday afterwards, about 3 months later I was lucky enough to have one king size set turn up at my HomeSense and I snagged it right away!


I was loving the geometric patterns on these cabinets


Is anyone else as obsessed with trunks as I am? I have no idea where this love has even come from but I am really loving this look!


I had a vision to do a navy and khaki colour scheme in the family room and this was really working for me!


so luxurious


Can you tell I am in to patterns?  I fell in love with this probably before we even bought the house, we ended up with a smaller version in charcoal in the front entry way!


These lamps stole my heart but the $150 a piece price tag was a little out of my budget so  they stayed.  They came in a great floor lamp version as well.

There is definitely more of these photos to come.  It’s been really fun going through these old pictures, some are as much as a year old now and it is crazy to see how a similar item has worked its way into our home without me even realizing. Well if one thing is for sure I am true to my taste!



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