Grey Bedroom Retreat

This weekend I was working on our bedroom.  Our bedroom was one of the first rooms in the house we did (like literally on moving day) because as long as it was “done” we would at least have a space that was a little more peaceful than the rest of the chaos.

I had picked up our duvet cover and the fabric to create the DIY upholstered headboard months before we moved in, I probably should have taken them with me to pick my paint colour but we closed on a Friday and I was at our local Benjamin Moore store about two hours after we got our keys because I just needed one wall to feel “clean” can anyone else understand that?

I almost forgot the other reason I needed to get our room done… it’s because it looked like this.

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

Yup, those are baby blue walls with chocolate brown trim.

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

Nothing escaped her chocolate brown paint brush alive, even the bifold closet doors and bedroom door were attacked!

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

Anyways, I went to our Benjamin Moore store completely unprepared (and desperate) and chose Chelsea Grey as the paint colour for our bedroom.  I liked the colour but after painting the room and then finishing the headboard I realized I had  created a monochromatic cave of a bedroom.

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

Yup, thats a seven and a half foot tall king sized headboard, that nearly killed me three times.  I suggest not attempting that project without someone else at home or 911 on speed dial.  I can just picture how that conversation would have gone, “9-1-1 what is your emergency?” “I am being crushed by my giant headboard please send help!” I bet that would be a first for even the seasoned 9-1-1 operators!

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogThis is how the room looked after about the first week.  I really wanted mirroredbut ended up picking up these at HomeSense after we moved in for $129.99 each.  I thought white was the better way to go with our grey cave and since our bed stands about * feet off the ground, I loved that these nightstands were extra tall!  I also picked up the lamps which are mirrored, at HomeSense before we moved, I couldn’t resist the bargain of $34 a piece (from $59.99) because they were missing the little doodad (that I am sure has a name but a name I don’t know) that holds the shades on.  They may or may not still be missing that doodad!

So the bedroom was kind of coming together but I should mention that Patrick likes a pitch black room to sleep in and so we had to figure out some sort of window covering right away.  We opted for debbie travis roman shade (no longer available) from Canadian Tire for round $50 or $60. The only problem was they didn’t have a white so we opted for this teal/green/blue coloured thing that I figured I would make work since our grey cave needed a pop of something.

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogHere is the ever so (not) stylish window in our bedroom with the single curtain panel that assists with the black out.  I picked up that curtain panel for a steal of $8 and thought I would be able to find another one but never was.  I ended up not loving it because it was basically the exact same colour as the walls and only added to the grey cave vibe we unintentionally had going on.

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style BlogAnyways, I have been bothered by our bedroom for awhile and in an effort to break up the grey a bit I ended up making this pillow cover for a barrel pillow form I had picked up on Ottawa Street in Hamilton.  The fabric is from JoAnn Fabrics in the states, I am lucky enough to have a mother who loves me and a cousin who accepts my crazy visions so when my Mom was visiting my cousin Cathy in North Carolina last year I am pretty sure these two ladies toured every fabric store looking for fabrics I loved.  They ended up getting me numerous yards of this Waverley fabric that I never really determined a use for until this accent pillow.

It was coming together but I was still haunted every morning and every night but the awful window covering contraption.  I decided this week that I would make my own curtains as I hadn’t found anything I liked in a 96″ length since I wanted to mount them at ceiling height and ended up finding a fabric I loved that has just a little bit of sparkle to it at Fabricland for $18 a meter and this week is 40% off for their birthday sale, so for about $27 in fabric (this particular fabric was a double bolt, yay for me!) I was able to make my own curtains.

I made the curtains yesterday while I was home for the day and once they were done the green monster that was our roman shade was just screaming at me so I had the idea to cover it with the same Waverley fabric on the barrel pillow and not to toot my own horn but, I’m kind of in love.

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

What do you think?  i get that it is still a grey cave but I think the pattern helps break it up and it’s our little retreat!

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog

And now for a guest appearance by Shaq.

Grey Bedroom Makeover - Simply Style Blog


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