Colour Me Coral and Give Me Gold

Remember my cute little hexagon table?  The little cousin to my slightly more rotund white hexagon tables that took up home in my living room after I scored them for a sweet $15 on Kijiji and gave them an ever so shiny coat of white Benjamin Moore paint?


Well this formerly sad dark little cousin is now a bright cheery new coral hexagon table with some sweet new gold bling.

Colour Me Coral and Give Me Gold - Simply Style Blog

We all know I am no stranger to a little furniture painting but this time I {shockingly} did not opt for my beloved Benjamin Moore Advance furniture paint and got me the only coral spray paint I could find in all the land.  No seriously.  I’m not lying.  Home Depot, Walmart, Home Hardware, all my favourite stomping grounds were coming up empty when it came to find a funky fun shade of spray paint.  I knew I wanted to spray this one because the others were such a pain to brush paint with all their nooks and crannies.  Plus, I am an adaptable and ever changing DIY pioneer and quite honestly just wanted to have two different experiences.

Well the only coral spray paint I could find anywhere was the Design Master brand at Michaels.  I was really unsure if it would do the trick being as it is intended for delicate items like faux flowers but I decided I would give it a whirl.  I started with some Killz primer.  If my girl Katie Bower swears by it it’s good enough for me, so I scrapped yet another beloved DIY product and used the spray Killz to get this table started. I was pretty happy with the coverage {and ease} of the Killz and it gave a nice solid white base that I was more hopeful my ever so delicate spray paint would stick to.

After dragging Patrick out to confirm that my coral was in fact not bubble gum pink, I sprayed my hardware gold and called her a day with yet another new {to us} hexagon table.

Colour Me Coral and Give Me Gold - Simply Style Blog

I can’t wait to share more of the spare bedroom as it comes together and most importantly my favourite find that is sitting atop this sweet new table!


I Love Gold!

Something really exciting happened a few weekends ago.  I casually mentioned to Patrick that I would like to redecorate the upstairs spare room.  I expected the standard eye-roll accompanied by a sigh indicative of the very fair thought “when will the decorating end” but instead he looked at me and said…. wait for it…. I didn’t even think that room was decorated.

WHAT?! ok pause, normally this would be a super insulting comment but what you need to know is our upstairs spare room was a make-do room using old bedding and curtains from previous places and spaces we’ve inhabited over the last 6+ years.  It very unexcitingly looked like this

Image{the brown room}

How embarrassing is that? That is an actual room in my house, dog crates and all.  So needless to say when my darling husband gave me the go ahead to “actually decorate” {his words} this bedroom, I was all over it!

As you may remember I am kind of in love with coral, and since that same darling husband put the kibosh on using coral in the shared office, I was sold on using it in this space.  And do you want to know what I am loving more than coral these days?  GOLD… I LOVE GOLD!!!! 

I may or may not have gone gold spray paint crazy after this past thrifting adventure which I followed up by sprayed pretty much everything gold!

So lets do some basic summary here…. 

  1. I get to redecorate decorate the upstairs spare bedroom
  2. I am totally using coral
  3. I love gold

What does this all equal?  Well a gold and coral spare bedroom OBVIOUSLY!!!!!

So let’s talk inspiration.  

{infarrantly creative

{massucco warner miller}

{decor pad}

Image{savvy young something}

Stay tuned for where this coral gold dream takes me!


What’s Going On

It’s a little ridiculous the number of unfinished, half-finished, and not yet even begun projects that are lying around our house right now.  That on top of the few easy projects I managed to complete last week that have not even been shared yet!  I am almost embarrassed to share but thought updating you on what’s to come over here at Simply Style may just give me the accountability motivation required to get some things done!

Current “under construction” projects

  • Wing Chair Reupholster
  • Chevron Cork Board
  • Kitchen Window Treatment
  • Bookcase Backings
  • Lamp Revamp (the millionth edition)
  • Stupidly Simple Bedskirt
  • Baby Hexagon Table Facelift
  • Mr. Bar Cart’s styling

It is actually crazy the number of half finished or nearly finished projects that are currently scattered throughout my home.  Ready for the up and comers… {i am not even going there}

Projects that are still figments of my imagination:

  • Upstairs spare bedroom
  • Office Window Treatment
  • Teak Nesting Tables
  • $4 Pedestal Table
  • Easy tray update
  • DIY upholstered bench
  • Statement Wall Stencilling
  •  Nail head trimmed hutch
  • thrifted tin update
  • Rope handle tray

The list goes on and on and on and I probably haven’t even remembered everything I have to do but you get the idea and hopefully I get the idea that running out and accumulating new projects is probably more unnecessary than the long sleeve sweater I am wearing in 30 degree weather right now.