Dresser Styling

Remember this lady?

Well as purdy as she was with her fresh new paint job, she needed a little somethin’ somethin’

Enter styling.
Simply Style - Dresser StylingSimply Style - Dresser Styling

Remember this picture frame I picked up at Value Village for a steal?

Simply Style - Dresser Styling

Well I had big plans for it and with a little wrapping paper and spray paint I turned it into this

Simply Style - Dresser Styling

It is amazing what a few accessories can do.

Simply Style - Dresser Styling

Simply Style - Dresser Styling

I absolutely love love love the colour combo and cannot wait to share the dresser moved into its new home. Stay tuned!


You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks … or can you?!

It was bound to happen eventually.

 a finished post.



Now I know how all those vetran bloggers that I stalk follow have felt. You dedicate time and energy and obviously your clever whit {not so much} just to see the whole thing circle down the drain.  Wait, if I had known it was going maybe I could have stopped it… either way.  It’s gone.

Believe it or not I am sharing another project that does involve coral and gold {go me!} well sort of.  I may or may not have attacked part of this project with gold spray paint just to be swiftly put back in my place… but we’ll get to that!

Remember way back when I had an ever so successful garage sale and hand me down inheriting weekend and my amazing in-laws sent this pretty ol’ gal to us?

Simply Style Blog{in all her legless glory}

Well she moved into the shed next to the to-be-recovered-wing chair, the coffee table soon-to-be bench and the other miscellaneous projects I hide from my husband {just kidding}!

A few weekends later, while waiting to head to my girlfriends to have a furniture painting party {what you don’t rock those every Sunday} I decided I had enough time to get this pretty lady started with a coat of primer so I drug her out of the shed and gave her back her legs.

Simply Style Blog{before}

Obviously I used a my most favourite Stix primer that I pick up at my local Benjamin Moore Store.

Simply Style Blog{primed}

A coat or two later, and with still lots of time to spare, I was ready for paint.  Remember I lack patience so when I am ready, so is my project!

Simply Style Blog

Using my tried and true furniture paint, Benjamin Moore Advance but in a whole new colour…

Simply Style Blog

Now that’s colour!

Simply Style Blog

A coat or two later, I was {almost} done with this lovely lady and off to tackle dresser #2 for the day! Remember this one:

Simply Style Blog

Well Big Bertha up top here combined with 3 failed attempts to find replacement hardware forced my pretty little lady of a dresser to take a back seat for awhile. But I finally decided it was time to finish her up and it came when I first discovered GOLD!!!

See the problem here is this pretty little lady, she ain’t no spring chicken and as such her um… holes, were a little different than those sleek new dressers of today.  Well they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you sure can give old dresser hardware a fresh new coat of spray paint.

I mentioned my mishap at the beginning of this post which came when I sprayed all of the existing hardware gold.  I loved the colour combo but unfortunately this just wasn’t going to work in the silver and grey room where this dresser was destined sooooo back outside {with silver spray paint in tow} I went and when all was said and done this is what I had created:

Simply Style Blog

What do you think?  Not too bad for an old girl is she?  Amazing what a little paint and some updating of old hardware can do.  Plus this girl’s still got legs!

Simply Style Blog
{before & after}

Adventures in Reupholstering – Take II

I have so enjoyed decorating and designing our own house, but I am quickly finding myself out of rooms! I haven’t shared everything here yet and though every room is still a work in progress, I was lucky enough to have a great friend take pity on me and at the same time give me a huge compliment when she asked me to help her decorate the brand new beautiful home she and her husband were building.  I look forward to sharing some pictures of the beautiful space they call their own soon!

Before they got the keys and it all came together, she asked if I would help her out by recovering two of these chairs to better match her decor.

Image{the before}

Image{the before – excuse the untidy basement but… we live here!}


You are probably wondering why she asked me to tackle this project for her, but I had a little experience from my own reupholstering project for our house.  Now unlike those disaster chairs I tackled, these beautiful things came apart into two pieces!

Image{the back}

Image{the seat base} 

I started with the seat bases, I removed the two front legs of the chair and the velcro that surrounded the base which holds the dust cover on.  I then pinned a fitted slip cover from the fabric we chose from Fabricland and sewed it.  Much to my celebration it was a perfect fit!


{creating the slip cover}

Then I used my handy dandy Stanley staple gun {which is only pretty much my favourite thing ever} to attach the cover to the frame of the chair and ensure it was nice and secure.

Image{securing the cover to the seat base}

The seat bases were a dream compared to the backs of the chair.  They required a little more work but in the end the whole thing came together.

Image{the finished product}

Check out Mr. Bar Cart hanging out in the corner before he was the suave and sophisticated Mr. Bar Cart he is today.  I was pretty happy with how this reupholstering adventure turned out and I look forward to sharing with you what they look like in their new home!