Where’s Your Head At?!

It’s happened again…

I know what you’re thinking….

It’s inevitable…

It’s true…

But I haven’t even shared the {partially} finished product with you!

If you are thinking “what the h-e-double hockey sticks is this babbling blogger up to now, you are likely not alone!

{sassy e-cards.com}

I saw this e-card while wasting consciously dedicating several hours to Pinterest the other day.  And I couldn’t help but laugh this morning, while brushing my teeth when my mind felt just like that…

“what should I make for lunch, do we have any food, where did I leave that book, I wonder if I washed the guest room sheets, where’s Shaq, I have to blow dry my hair, I’m hungry, what time is it, oh I made my lunch,am I late for work, I think I’ll wear that maxi skirt, what time is it, I’m tired, I should have ran this morning, I wonder if I will ever find coral fabric, I should go thrifting after work, what will we have for dinner, is Patrick home tonight, I love this chevron bathmat, I’m bored of our office … I should re-do it”

sound the screeching tires, halting brakes and alarm sirens

“hey babe, I kind of wanna re-do the office”

If you have never heard the sound of rolling eyes before, had you been anywhere within a 100km radius of the City of Peterborough this morning around 7:42 am you most certainly would have heard my husband’s!


As I walk toward our bedroom I realize this “pitch” may not be greeted with the same joyous response my spare bedroom pitch was and maybe I should turn around before I push my DIYing home decor luck but instead…

“hey, did you hear me?  I’m bored of the office, I want to re-do it”

silence. still silence.

And that my friends brings us here, to a break for the coral and gold mania I have been putting you through, to a post about a room that has been {sort of} done for nearly 6 months that I now want to re-decorate, THE OFFICE!

I shared my office inspiration a while back, but what I failed to mention was aside from some little decor additions, my office was basically done. Over.  No more.  Well not quite, those few unfinished projects have been holding me back from sharing the “big {for now} reveal” but this weekend one of these projects was saved by none other than Homesense!

You will recall that the colour palette for the office is Navy and Orange, because way back when I was given the no-go on a coral and navy office.  Well I had picked up these cardboard file holders at Dollarama for something like $1.25 {for those of you who haven’t set foot in a dollar store recently, sadly, everything is no longer a dollar at the dollar store} for two.  Which I can’t really complain about.  They had tons of bright colours and different patterns but I settled on these grey one for no reason in particular.


The plan was to cover them in wrapping paper to co-ordiante them with the colour scheme and voila, easy peasy DIY project {my fav}!

Not so fast.  APPARENTLY navy and/or orange wrapping paper was not hip and happening back in November 2012 except for a sweet orange and white stripe I stumbled upon at Marshalls.  Knowing that covering all six of these folders that were to sit on top of the shelving unit in the office in orange stripes would make me sad {and likely seasick} I covered two and the others stayed in their natural state, leaving the office in a complete state of incompletion.

That is until Friday, when I took my therapeutic week-end trip to Homesense for a wander about and as I was leaving saw not one but TWO rolls of the most perfect answer to my navy and orange office prayers.


What’up navy chevron and orange geometric wrapping paper for $3.99 where have you been my whole for the last 6 months of my life?!

I quickly snagged them up since it was the last roll of BOTH patterns {what!?} and was likely the happiest wrapping paper shopper that cashier has seen in her whole career! And after a whole 15 minutes {while watching resale royalty} BAM!


This should have been a tutorial shouldn’t it…. just wrap ’em like a present!


Those are some good looking file holders if I do say so myself.  Not to say the grey and white wasn’t beautiful {they will totally look great in my office when I finally convince Patrick a makeover is in order} but for now I’ve got to get these last few office projects finished so I can share the final reveal!


What’s Going On

It’s a little ridiculous the number of unfinished, half-finished, and not yet even begun projects that are lying around our house right now.  That on top of the few easy projects I managed to complete last week that have not even been shared yet!  I am almost embarrassed to share but thought updating you on what’s to come over here at Simply Style may just give me the accountability motivation required to get some things done!

Current “under construction” projects

  • Wing Chair Reupholster
  • Chevron Cork Board
  • Kitchen Window Treatment
  • Bookcase Backings
  • Lamp Revamp (the millionth edition)
  • Stupidly Simple Bedskirt
  • Baby Hexagon Table Facelift
  • Mr. Bar Cart’s styling

It is actually crazy the number of half finished or nearly finished projects that are currently scattered throughout my home.  Ready for the up and comers… {i am not even going there}

Projects that are still figments of my imagination:

  • Upstairs spare bedroom
  • Office Window Treatment
  • Teak Nesting Tables
  • $4 Pedestal Table
  • Easy tray update
  • DIY upholstered bench
  • Statement Wall Stencilling
  •  Nail head trimmed hutch
  • thrifted tin update
  • Rope handle tray

The list goes on and on and on and I probably haven’t even remembered everything I have to do but you get the idea and hopefully I get the idea that running out and accumulating new projects is probably more unnecessary than the long sleeve sweater I am wearing in 30 degree weather right now.

Lamp Revamp

There is a serious bug going around, a few friends have caught it, I’ve caught it, actually thanks to Pinterest the better part of the globe has caught it.  Don’t worry it’s nothing too serious, it’s just the DIY bug.  Though some may blame it on Pinterest, for me, Pinterest has only been feeding the seed that was long ago planted by my ridiculously talented, artistic and crafty mom!  From a very young age we were always making, creating and doing and as such I guess it is no surprise that I have carried these habits into our home.

I know when all of this started Patrick thought I was a little crazy.  I never really had the opportunity to do everything I wanted before since we were always in apartments.  Sure I decorated, recovered and even made my first upholstered headboard back then {thanks mom} but only since we’ve been in the house have I really been able to dive into my DIY obsession.

Today’s project was 100% Pinterest inspired.  I stumbled upon this picture while losing several hours  on Pinterest one day.  

Simply Style Blog - Lamp Revamp

{photo credit teachcraftlove.blogspot.ca}

I loved the concept of wrapping rope to create a great decor piece, but I didn’t plan to use a vase, I knew exactly how I wanted to adapt this DIY project as my own, I was going to wrap a lamp!  When my parents were moving they had a bunch of still in the package spools of rope that I couldn’t just let them throw out.  The rope made its way into one of my “craft” bins where it lived for about 2 years, that is until this project came up.

Inspired and actually having some free time one day, I headed out to my local Vinnies {St. Vincent de Paul} where I found the exact shaped lamp that I was looking for for only $5 {less a 10% discount for being a student at the time}.  Unfortunately I got a little excited to get started as soon as I got home and forgot to take a proper “before” picture but here is the lamp rope wrapping underway.

Simply Style Blog - Lamp Revamp{sort of before}

With a lot of hot glue and only one roll of my rope, I got to wrapping my lamp.  This job was not difficult but it was time consuming and a little hard on the fingers after awhile.

Simply Style Blog - Lamp Revamp{in progress}

This project could not get any simpler.  Just would glue a little, wrap a little, glue a little more.  I went through a LOT of hot glue {crafter tip: hot glue sticks for the mini gun come in packs of 15 at Dollarama for only $1.25} but when your only investment in the project is a $4.50 lamp, a package of $1.25 hot glue sticks really isn’t so bad.

When I finally got to the bottom of the lamp {just a few classic 90210 episodes later} I simply untwined the rope slightly and tucked the tail under the base.  

Simply Style Blog - Lamp Revamp{the finished product}

I picked up this lampshade for only $10 at a local home design store here but it is WAAAAAAAAY too big for this lamp. Looks like I will be looking for another lamp project so I can use this great shade!  

Simply Style Blog - Lamp Revamp{rope lamp drowning in shade}

With the navy walls in the family room I have really wanted to keep everything else light and natural.  I know rope and navy can lend a little to the nautical side but I still kind of love it!  This was such a fun easy project and I still have some rope spools left.  Remember that rope mirror I shared in a retail therapy post awhile back?  Well it looks like this:

Simply Style Blog - Lamp Revamp{rope mirror – HomeSense}

Why pay the retail price tag when this would make such a simple DIY? I think I will tackle it in the near future!

Total cost of this Lamp Revamp:  Lamp  $4.50, Rope FREE, Hot Glue $1.25, Shade $10 for a TOTAL of $15.75!!!!! That’s a pretty cheap lamp if you ask me!