Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror

Have you ever seen something you love but when you check out the price tag your bank account doesn’t love it so much?  If you’re anything like me that happens all too often!

Awhile back I shared this mirror that I spotted at… you guessed it, HomeSense!

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{HomeSense Rope Mirror}

When I saw this I kind of fell in love, but, though not “designer” the $79.99 price tag was not really working for me.  As I stared longingly at this mirror in the middle of HomeSense I realized, DIY duh@!!

I often look at items and determine whether they are DIYable or not.  Let’s be honest, you can’t DIY everything but you CAN DIY many things, and this rope mirror was one of them.

So that being said I was on the lookout for a large round mirror.  I considered other ways to make these DIY possible including finding a smaller round mirror, mounting it on a round of plywood and roping the wood, but, if you have ever read another post you know I like a quick and easy DIY better than anything so all the “work” involved in the wood option was so not rocking my world.

What did rock my world was a trip to Vinnie’s the other day.  On a whim I stopped in one evening on my way home from work and when I looked in the basket of mirrors and found two large round mirror options, I heard those little chubby cherubs singing their angelic songs of praise {what?!}.  One was a perfect plain round mirror, the other had a slightly not so perfect pond flower etching around the boarder {barf}.  I obviously instantly grabbed the better looking of the two but then for some reason my forward thinking self stepped in {thankfully} and when I flipped over that good looking round mirror there was no way to hang it! Knowing that finding a way to make this mirror work was going to involve a lot of work, I decided that the pond themed one deserved a second look.  When I flipped it over and saw a very secure hanging system I quickly ditched the good looking one and picked up my homely mirror and headed up front.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{the before}

The $15 price tag a a little more than I was hoping to spend on my used {and very ugly} mirror, but since all the other materials for this project were already in my craft supply, I knew it would be my only investment in this mirror and $15 vs. $80 +tax price tag left me still coming out on top!

This was an evening project.  I sat down with my thrifted mirror, the same rope I used for my rope lamp revamp, and my handy dandy glue gun {and a whole truck load of glue sticks} and got to work.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{my supplies}

I started by using the same technique I had developed when created my rope wrapped lamp by putting lines of glue on the mirror and then placing the rope.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{gluing the rope}

Then I realized I could do glue “dots” and this technique was a helluva lot easier on my hands since I wasn’t fighting as much with my glue gun.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{the better technique}

So I would place a few beads of glue, then rope and set that on repeat for an hour and half or so as I enjoyed some Resale Royalty on the DVR.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{placing the rope}

I went around and around and around and around.  This is not a tough project as you can see.  Once I had enough rounds of rope on my mirror I thinned out the end of the rope so I could “camouflage” it into the end and not have such an abrupt or obvious stop.  And here is the final product:

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{Not so bad for an ugly $15 mirror}

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror

What do you think of this upcycled transformation?  Is the rope mirror working for you?  I am kind of loving the rope accents for the family room and now that I have a rope mirror and rope lamp and only a little bit of free rope left, I am thinking I need to create one of these rope handle trays I came across while perusing some design magazines this weekend.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{rope handled tray}

If I wasn’t loving my rope accents enough lately, this weekend while at HomeSense I came across this version of the rope mirror.

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror{HomeSense rope mirror}

I prefer the more nautical vibe of the first one and the one I created but this definitely displays the infinite possibilities when working with rope!

Simply Style Blog - Designer on a Dime: DIY Rope Mirror


Makeover Monday – Living Room Makeover

We had a great weekend in Ottawa with Patrick’s family and my sister was able to make time in her crazy schedule for a quick visit.  It got COLD though, like way cold! When we got home last night it was down to 1 degree and this morning I woke up to blowing snow.  It doesn’t seem to be sticking but I’m pretty sure my over ambitious gardening attempt last weekend is now dead…. sorry to my bank account and husband.  On a bright note I still have my snow tires on and for all of those who laughed at me well ha ha the jokes on you {not really though}.  I have also been battling allergies/a cold all weekend and am tempted to go to work this morning a la Katie Bower style, but think week two on the job may be a little early to pull out my crazy, what do you think?!  Well enough about that, it’s makeover Monday here at Simply Style and I am excited to reveal another room that we have “made over” in our home.

We got the keys to our house around 2pm on a Friday afternoon.  We were obviously excited but when we walked in and saw the place empty we realized how dirty things were and how much had to be done to our anti-fixer-upper!

Now we didn’t notice this first dilemma when we walked through the house {twice} but once it was empty you couldn’t miss it.  Apparently when they laid down the hardwood through the upstairs, they didn’t bother to take off the baseboards or put down quarter-round so we had a sweet little gap that was a killer dirt and dust collector, so we knew we had to fix that right away!  The previous homeowner also loved to hang about a bazillion pictures {or at least make a bazillion holes in the wall} really high so there was also lots of poly filling to do.

I was so excited to be in our new house but everything felt dirty and not ours and so me, being the crazy person I am, had to do something about that {like right away}.  After doing a quick tour around the house I left everyone to run down to our local Benjamin Moore store.  As I have mentioned before people generally think I am completely insane a little ambitious at time and this was definitely the case at the Benjamin Moore store.  I was looking at paint chips and narrowing it down {in a matter of 45 seconds as if I were running the back picking triathlon} when I was asked if I needed any help.  When I explained we had just closed on our house and I HAD to get paint on the walls I got the typical “who is this crazy person” stare.  She suggested I take some paint chips home and see what they look like but she obviously wasn’t getting my OCD  completely rational need just like every other new home owner {I’m sure} to get some basic home renovation done IMMEDIATELY!

For the main floor {it is fairly open and each room flows into the next} I was looking for a griege and chose Revere Pewter.  I was also picking up trim paint {because something had to be done about the disastrous chocolate brown in our master bedroom} and who knew there were so many whites!  I went with Chantilly Lace for all our trim, doors and anything else that ended up white in our house.  Finally I needed paint for our master bedroom, I knew I wanted a dark grey as I had bought our pin-tuck duvet and the fabric to create and gigantor headboard but of course {like the organized designer I am} I didn’t have either of those things with me.  I was 99% sold on the Chelsea grey but wasn’t sure if it would be too dark, lucky for me they had it on one wall of the showroom so I was able to see it in action and that was that!

About 45 minutes after we got the keys to our house I was rolling some revere pewter on a wall of our new living room.  This was when I had my first Benjamin Moore heart attack {which you can read about here} as you know, but never fear, all worked out in the end.  So needless to say I was a little nuts when it came to painting our house and actually painted every room except one in the first 4 months or so and all this painting desire started in this room, the living room.

Here is what the space looked like when we did our walkthrough after our offer was accepted.

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{before}

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{before}

See those high pictures? What is with that?  As you can see this was an ok space but not an amazing space.  Once all the furniture was done this is the canvas we had to work with.

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{before}

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{before}

Ok, so this is not a major makeover like our downstairs bathroom or kitchen makeover.  Of all the spaces in the house this one was actually pretty, well, neutral, no lime green or chocolate brown trim here.  But as I have mentioned there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint and this was the first room I tackled.  After painting the room revere pewter with an accent wall of chelsea grey and moving in our new couch and the reupholstered chairs I tackled, we had a pretty boring space.

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{work in progress}

The mirror beside the couch is something we have had for years, an old HomeSense find as is the ottoman {it coverts into a single bed and is probably my best HomeSense find to date}, the rug I picked up while in the US at TJ Maxx for $50 and the pillows are from HomeSense and Ottawa Street in Hamilton, ON.  You can see that I had a {sort of} vision for the space but it wasn’t coming together.

Well after some work paint and repurposing we transformed it into this:

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{after}

The end tables were $15 {thank you Kijiji} and were another up-cylce project you saw here.  I picked up the lamp bases at the Christmas Tree Store in the US for $24.99 and the shades I found at HomeSense for $12.99 each.  The gallery wall is all re-used frames that we had.  I originally wanted all white frames but really didn’t want to spend the money on buying new frames when we had all these so I embraced the black and silver and with some spray paint for those that didn’t fit the mould we created this!

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{gallery wall}

The only new items in the gallery wall that were purchased are the antelope head {I have an unexplainable obsession with faux taxidermy, it is only thanks to Patrick and perhaps me being reasonable, that we don’t also have a horse, moose, deer and dog head somewhere in the house} and the mirrored clock {which is currently just looking good and not operating}.  I picked up the antelope almost a year ago before the HomeSense people or others realized the design obsession that was beginning with regards to faux taxidermy so he was only $24.99, they are now selling for $50++ at HomeSense and a LOT more elsewhere.

The clock was something I spied and stalked for awhile.  I needed to replace a hot pink shoe print that Patrick did not approve of that was originally in the gallery wall.  The clock was originally $29.99 which was more than I wanted to spend when I had something that was working for the time being, it then was reduced and reduced again to $16 but I still didn’t pick it up.  Finally I was at HomeSense one day and spotted it for $11 and quickly snagged it up as it was the last square one they had!

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{end table and curtains}

The large hurricane and sticks in the corner is something we already owned but all comes from IKEA.  I’m still not sure if it is going to take up permanent residency here but for now it is working for me.  Oh and check out those exaggerated baseboards, do you not love them!  Since we were putting the quarter round down, this Pinterest inspired project from House of Smith’s was an absolute must! Patrick thought I was insane {much like the Benjamin Moore lady} but I knew they would be spectacular and they are!

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{couch}

That middle pillow was a more recent addition that I snagged at, HomeSense of course, for $24.99.  It is a Colin and Justin and I love how it ties the other four together.

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{chairs and nesting tables}

The reupholstered chairs found their home on the opposite side of the room and between them are the awesome geometric end tables that were a donation from my parents when they moved.  You know how I LOVE nesting tables so I was over the moon when my Mom sent these our way!  The throw is $20 from Target and the pillows are from Home Outfitters and HomeSense.

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{Zoe loves the chairs too}

This little Mexican loves the sun and this is her afternoon spot when the sun is beaming through the windows.

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{window}

The curtains are from Target for only $19.99 per panel and the sheers are from Ikea for $7 for two panels.  I snagged the super long curtain rod with diamond finials from HomeSense for $29.99 which is a steal!  The bench was a repurpose project and is made from an old $10 coffee table I picked up at a garage sale.

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{hutch}

The mirror has found a temporary home leaning against the wall on top of this hutch.  We aren’t sure if we will be putting a tv in this room or not yet so it hasn’t been hung but I kind of like it leaning!  The hutch was another donation from our amazing family.  This one came from my in-laws and was an old Teak buffet.  It took a LOT of primer to stop the brownish yellow from seeping through but after a few coats and then a coat of the leftover paint we used in our upstairs bathroom makeover {wedgewood grey}.  I adore this piece and love how it turned out! Oh and theres those awesome baseboards again!

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{after}

This is a really fun room, it doesn’t get used much {accept by Shaq} but it is the first thing you see when you walk in our house and I love the tone it sets.

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{after}

I originally intended this room to be mostly grey and white but have since embraced the black.  I have considered recovering the ottoman and spraying the mirror above the hutch but I think I like the balancing effect the black has.  Plus it speaks to the black mirrors and ties everything together. Oh and the light fixture is going to be changing, just as soon as my not so  organized husband finds the pieces for the fixture that is supposed to go up here! So, what do you think?  Do you think I should eliminate the black in this room or leave it the way it is?  Is the black ottoman too bold?

Simply Style Blog - Living Room Makeover{before & after}

Makeover Monday – Foyer Facelift

One of the things I loved about our house when we first walked through it was all the bead board wood trim that the previous owners had installed.  I was on a bit of a moulding kick at the time {thank you Pinterest} and as a result was able to easily see past this baby poop {no offence babies} brownish red colour that they had painted every square inch {except the kitchen backsplash, that was a hideous shade of green} of it and knew it would be a thing of beauty when it was all painted out white.

Though the bead board was throughout the lower level and as the backsplash in the kitchen I knew that the first area that we would tackle, where the baby poop bead board had set up shop would be the front entryway.  As you know our house is a split entry so our front foyer is in no way an enormous space and the dark colour of the bead board was just making it seem smaller.

Here is a not so fantastic before picture of the front entry way.  I meant to take before pictures of the entire house but got so fixated on getting paint on the walls {a whole 30 minutes after we got the keys} that I may have gotten a little distracted and taken them in the thick of things!

front entryway before copy{before}

 As you can see it is a less than appealing space.  You would feel the same even without the ladder, mop and other miscellaneous moving necessities in the way, trust me!  So we painted out all the bead board {and the raw wood poking through to the left of the front door there} which totally gave the space a facelift.  And here is the final product.

Simply Style Blog - Foyer Facelift {after}

I am really happy with the final result, a little paint, a few new pieces and some VERY basic styling has totally changed the first impression of our home.  I was determined to have a piece with drawers that would hold and most importantly hide our crap keys and other stuff you drop when you walk into your house.  I thought I wanted a unit with drawers and a cupboard type space underneath to house shoes or scarves, something like this.

Simply Style Blog - Foyer Facelift{foyer table option}

 I totally fell in love with this piece but it was a little smaller and flimsier than I was hoping for.  It is not that we are hard on our furniture {our 85lb Weimaraner is} but I knew this wouldn’t be a piece I would want to be replacing and decided that something that is closed like this would box the space in too much when you first walk in the door.  Then one day I stumbled upon this at … you guessed it, HomeSense.

Simply Style Blog - Foyer Facelift

{the one}

I loved the legs and the figure on this one {yes I objectify furniture} and fell hard for her mirrored top and drawers and her beautiful crystal knobs.  I took the picture above and sent it to Patrick, a habit he is all too familiar with, and he shockingly didn’t reply with his standard “oh” “nice” “a table {or whatever the picture is of}” or the more often, no response at all.  Instead he said, if that’s what you want get it.  After doing my happy dance in HomeSense {which probably shouldn’t be seen in public} I closely guarded my soon to be new foyer table while my shopping partner in crime went and grabbed a cart.  For $129.99 she was exactly what I wanted!  The table alone wasn’t enough to do the space justice, it obviously needed a little style.

 Front Entryway 6{front foyer after}

That silver stool {or giant candleholder to my husband} is something I picked up at HomeSense when we first moved into the house, originally it was in the living room but once my new table moved in I knew they were meant to be together.  I am so happy I picked it up when I did for $49.99 because they are now selling for $99.99++.  My mom had given me the “twinkle twigs” probably a year prior and I had stuck them in an inexpensive glass vase and used them as a nightlight in our guest room at the apartment, they almost found their way into the trash when we moved because they had never really had a real home but I was sure glad I kept them when I began this makeover as I feel they are exactly what this table needed and I adore how they look at night.

Simply Style Blog - Foyer Facelift{twinkle twigs at night}

I originally didn’t have a mirror above the unit but knew I needed something.  I was going to head out to purchase a mirror and then in my unpacking came across the beautiful brownish tin mirror than I had received as a shower gift.  I loved the mirror but it hadn’t found a home yet in the new house.  I decided it would be perfect in the foyer and with just a little spray paint I absolutely adore it!  I love the detailing and the little bit of interest it brings to the space while blending in so effortlessly.

Front Entryway 4 {spray painted mirror}

 The front entry carpet was also a HomeSense find but was a little more than I had originally planned to spend.  It was $49.99 but when I saw the colour and the thick pile I knew it was perfect.  I am happy we went to that as it gets a lot of traffic everyday and has withstood the tough wear and tear with ease.

Front Entryway 5{geometric carpet}

The last element we changed with out foyer was the door knob of our bifold closet door.  I picked up a crystal bifold door knob at home depot for $13.17 {weird price I know}.  It may just be my favourite thing about this makeover as it really adds some visual interest and pulls the whole space together.

Simply Style Blog - Foyer Facelift{crystal doorknob}

I love the finished result of all the small details in the foyer coming together, it works with the colour story in the rest of our house while still having a look and style of its own.  Plus it makes me happy every time I walk through the door and that is well worth the $250 or so dollars this makeover cost!

Simply Style Blog - Foyer Facelift{before & after}