What’s been going on

In the world of blogging, I’ve been told, don’t talk about your “absences” it just draws attention to them.  I guess blogger hiatuses are like Fight Club…. 1 rule…

Well it is pretty tough not to own up to the fact that I have been utterly MIA for the last few weeks.  I promise I haven’t been purposely avoiding blogging, trust me, in my head I have all these amazing fun projects and stories to share BUT {and I’m not placing blame here} since moving my blog to its own self hosted domain I am seriously struggling.

Let’s get one thing straight, I am in no way a techy, I am barely tech savvy enough to operate in the high tech world we live in.  I get by, I mean I am by no means living in the dark ages, but a computer genius I am not.

The move to my new site has been riddled with hiccups and issues and though we are slowly sorting them out one by one, the commitment to the back end of the site has clearly affected the front.

When I started Simply Style I was excited to share my love of DIY, Décor and Fashion with the world.  Through Simply Style I discovered a love for writing and to be honest that is all I want to do, DIY, decorate and share that experience in my writing {not the tech end of it} but that is not all there is to the blogging world and so I have to pull up my big girl panties and get over it!

So, as I continue to struggle through learning the ins and outs of my new site, please stay with me.  I wasn’t even sure if I was going to share what was going on, but for those who have enjoyed Simply Style so far, I felt I owed you this much!





Turtle Turtle

Allow me to take you back…
waaaaaaaay back…..
to a decade you may not even recall…
a decade I don’t recall ever existing…..

Back to when the kitchen of our ONLY 14 year-old house


Simply Style - Kitchen Before



No your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a real live kitchen in the real live house that we actually were in competing offers for…. believe… or not {no but seriously I’m not kidding}!

After a whole lota primer, paint and elbow grease we managed to transform our lemon lime dream kitchen to something a little more manageable…. it looks like this

Simply Style Blog - Turtle Turtle

 She aint fancy, but it is pretty amazing what a little paint and hardware can do isn’t it!

Though our chocolate brown {for now} kitchen it a heck of a lot better than the yellow and lime mess we were working with, we pretty much stripped this space of like all it’s personality.  Enter TURTLE!

Simply Style Blog - Turtle Turtle

I was wandering my fav local thrift store {Vinnie’s} when I stumbled upon this open shelled beauty.  While other’s may have overlooked this $1 dude, I saw nothing but opportunity for him!

I brought him home, doused him in a coat of white spray paint and voila!

Simply Style Blog - Turtle Turtle

Like an all new man… I mean turtle!

Now you are probably wondering, what the heck are you going to do with this turtle who is missing half his shell.  Well to you strange person asking me rhetorical questions {wait that’s me} I am going to add a little personality to my kitchen that’s what.

Simply Style Blog - Turtle Turtle

ta-da, sure I could have painted him a fun bright colour but lets me honest after this mess

Simply Style - Kitchen Before

a little white turtle to hold sponges is about all I can handle…
I’m working on it with my therapist {ps. I don’t have a therapist}

So there you have it, an easy peasy ceramic animal makeover to add a little “personality” to your space!

Simply Style - Turtle Turtle

Makeover Monday: Office Reveal

We’re fast forwarding a little over here.

When it comes to our office, so far I have shared my office plan, my lamp revamp and the dollarstore file holders.

What you have yet to see is the “finished” office space.  Well for those of you that have been keeping up with my design ADD {or have read “where’s your head at“} you know that when it comes to the office, I am already planning a redo!

So without further ado here is the before “finished” {for now} office space.











Simply Style - Navy and Orange Home Office

Simply Style - Navy and Orange Home Office

Simply Style - Navy and Orange Home Office

Simply Style - Navy and Orange Home Office

Simply Style - Navy and Orange Home Office

Simply Style - Navy and Orange Home Office

It’s very orange, and very navy and all together very not-me, so expect a NEW office inspiration board in the near future!