Fashion Friday – My Shoe Closet

A few months back my pretty awesome husband decided it was time to build my shoe closet, yes he came to this decision all on his own {sorry ladies he’s taken}, I am pretty sure he has just accepted that my shoe collection is one in the same with me {he’s really never known any different} and had decided to embrace it.  He had come up with the idea when we were discussing future plans for the house and determined that our downstairs guest bedroom closet which is about 10 feet wide would be the perfect space.  We decided to take half the closet and build this thing of beauty!


Simply Style Blog - Shoe Closet

{the shoe closet}

Simply Style Blog - Shoe Closet

{shoe closet}

Isn’t it lovely.  Ok I know it’s not, but the shoes all organized and right there for me to see is something pretty lovely to me!  I am thinking the backs of the shelves need some fun wallpaper or maybe a bright coral paint.  What do you think?  How should I spice up my favourite space in the house!

I eventually plan to move all my clothes {as much as will fit} down into the other half of the closet which he has converted to double hanging for me.  This closet has two GIANT mirrored doors so this guest bedroom turned my dressing room will be the PERFECT place for me to get ready every morning.  I’m kind of in love!


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