Reduce Reuse and Save

Things are pretty crazy over here right now! This week I started my new job while still working evenings at my other job, AND I have decided that morning runs with my big grey beast {that’s Shaq not Patrick} is good for both him and me! So that being said 14 hour days at work and waking up early has not left much time for blogging, but I really want to try to stick to at least 3 posts a week so here is a short but sweet CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP furniture makeover!  This was done waaaaaaaay back when we first moved into the house and was only my second dabbling in used furniture repurposing after my Adventure in Reupholstering.

As I have mentioned before when we first moved into the house we didn’t want to spend a lot of money of furniture but once we got our sofa for the living room, the living room looked a little something like this

Image{living room in a rough patch}

As you can see there is absolutely nothing stylish about that and I knew I would go crazy if I didn’t have something else in the big empty room.  I started trolling Kijiji and came across two of these hexagon tables for $15.


Well for $15 you know I went and scooped those up as a DIY project and of course I brought Patrick along for the ride so he could roll his eyes and sigh at me but mostly for his protection incase the previous owner of the hexagon tables was a crazy axe murderer {key you gotta be safe}  I got them home and a few days later got to work on them.


I was so happy with the results of the kitchen makeover where we used Benjamin Moore Advance paint that I decided I would use the same product in white, we used Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore to match all the trim in our house.  I first primed them using Stix primer and then painted.  Be sure to let the primer dry completely and the paint have a good time to set between coats.  Since it dries like enamel after it fully cures you really want to be sure to take your time.

This was my first attempt at painting furniture and it didn’t go too bad.  I removed the doors and placed them on paint cans {a la kitchen makeover style} and this made it easy to prevent drips but the intricate detail on the front of the doors still required some extra attention.  I didn’t raise the tables themselves up off the ground and in hindsight I should have.  Parts of the bases dried and stuck to the newspaper which was a pain, but in the end they weren’t half bad.

I originally planned on replacing the hardware but after removing it realized that might be more difficult so … you guessed it, I just gave it a nice coat of silver spray paint!  I sprayed the hinges and the handles as well as the tops of the screws and the oily, greasy old hardware was instantaneously transformed!

Ready to see the final product?



They are definitely not perfect but they do the trick.  A few tips when working with Benjamin Moore Advance:

  • PRIME – this will make your life easier, I recommend Stix primer, it is a little pricier but seems to work on anything and everything.  I have done old school laminate, newer laminate furniture and food and the primer makes EVERYTHING easier!
  • FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS – that means anything else that little can of paint tells you to do, you will be happy you did
  • LET IT DRY DRY DRY – for as long as possible before handling it, when I did the downstairs bathroom vanity I wanted to put the doors back on too soon and ended up with fingerprints in the paint HOW ANNOYING when if I had just let it dry long enough {patience is a virtue} I would have not had to re touch it!

Do you have any great inexpensive finds that have made their way into your home?


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