Fashion Fix: Plaid Scarves

Last Christmas I asked for a giant plaid scarf.

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

and Santa didn’t deliver.

Fast forward to Christmas 2013 and plaid is EVERYWHERE!  I even stumbled upon the most amazing plaid accent chair at Homesense the other day. But this is not a post about home deco plaid {though a plaid throw would look pretty amazing in our family room}, no, this is a post about the infamous plaid scarf I have been lusting over!

because hanna said so

happily grey - scarf

happily grey - scarf blue and red

my small wardrobe - scarf

the fashion cloud - scarf

So what do you think about the current plaid movement?  I am in love with the classic red!  Hey Santa… do you hear me?!

Looking for a piece of plaid to add to your wardrobe?
Check out these:  here / here / here /here / here / here


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