Woman vs. Stencil – How NOT To Use a Stencil

While at Fabricland the other day looking at, well, fabric {duh!} I stumbled upon a stand of sale stencils.  One in particular caught my eye.


I don’t exactly know what a quilting stencil is for but what I saw was wall stencil potential and decided the $5.19 was totally doable.  I was working on the totally random alcove in the coral and gold room and decided that I would attempt this pattern in the small space.

I started by going to town with my coal paint and when I pulled the stencil away as I held my breathe I saw this….

ImageClose up on this disaster….Image

Ya, so apparently quilting stencils are nothing like proper wall stencils.  Not that I have ever used one but I am assuming DIYers everywhere do NOT struggle with traditional wall stencils to this extent and therefore… I will continue to blame my $5.19 quilting stencil {or my completely insufficient DIY capabilities, your choice}.

So I decided to attempt method #2.  This method involved a mechanical pencil and a seriously high-tec tracing technique which would be followed by some artistic  hand painting.


Ya I can hear you laughing through the computer, trust me, I pulled the stencil away and realized that I was no artist and that I must have basically momentarily lost my mind if I thought I would be painting every single scallop by hand, so…..

Stencil -1    Tori – 0

Feeling a little lot discouraged, I moved on to other projects and left my stupid stencil, seriously regretting I hadn’t spent my $5.19 on a grande chai tea latte.  A few hours later I decided I would not be defeated by the stencil and came up with option #2 for the “Woman vs. Stencil” marathon that seemed to be panning out.

The ever so horrendous “alcove” in the spare bedroom had has these equally horrendous built in shelves that desperately need some love.  Since I haven’t come up with anything better {as of yet} I begrudgingly decided we would embrace the existing shelves and eventually dress them up by trimming them out but in the meantime, I figured I could attack them with my scalloped stencil.




I painted the shelves and picked up a gold sharpie paint pen to prepare my plan of attack for round 2 of the “woman v. stencil” marathon.



I don’t know what I was thinking {obviously I wasn’t} but I just took that sharpie paint pen and started tracing the evil my stencil…bad idea


Doesn’t look too bad from far but up close…..Image


Stencil -2       Tori – 0

The gold paint was leakingand bleeding under the stencil and though it doesn’t look totally completely awful, I assure you, it was and I knew it was just going to get worse!

So the woman v. stencil marathon continues and back to the pencil I went.



ImageI traced the pattern using the pencil and then by hand went over the pencil with the gold paint pen.Image

It is no way perfect, but this was shelf one.  When it came to the second shelf I had developed a system and not only did it go a lot quicker but a lot smoother as well.

Image{the finished product}

See no chubby “mistake” lines on this one!

After three rounds of the Woman v. Stencil marathon, I am proud to say I won one!
Stencil -2   Tori – 1

The shelf detail is sort of pointless, the {ugly} alcove shelves are pretty high up and the scallop detail will likely not be seen but I like that little extra hidden detail and more importantly take solace in the fact that my $5.19 stencil was not wasted…it only cost me a $6.99 gold paint pen Sharpie.  Oops!?!


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