Flea Market Finds

This weekend I stumbled upon the fact that just 10 minutes outside of my little city in one of the cutest little towns there exists a Sunday antique and collectibles flea market.  I don’t know how I didn’t learn about this until now, but I quickly decided that Sunday morning I would be heading out there to take a browse.

I have been on the hunt for a cane barrel/tub chair as a project for the coral & gold spare room and was hoping I may luck into one at this hidden gem.  I am obsessed with the idea of redoing one {likely in gold} and as you can see below, I am not alone in this love of the cane chair.

{AM Dolce Vita}

{11 Magnolia Lane}

{the cards we drew}

{apartment therapy}

Unfortunately my beloved cane chair still eludes me but I did manage to find a few cute decor scores at this “flea market” I found.

I love the look of deer antlers as decor items.  NOT the great big shot this buck dead and took them off his head antlers. NO, definitely not those.  I prefer the, I am a deer still in the land of the living and rubbed my antler off on a tree but will grow a new pair next year.  Those are the antlers I am about.

My mom very luckily found one on a walk with the dogs one day and ever since I have been obsessed.  Again, not alone in this horny pursuit {had to do it} check out what other bloggers are doing with their deer antlers.

{at home in love}

{11 magnolia lane}

{of beauty and love}

Never mind that duck decoy, I am totally obsessed but the $70++ price tag they were carrying at the “antique” flea market was not making me happy-happy-happy so the duck decoy, must wait.  I did however score an antler of my own to incorporate into one of our rooms.

Simply Style Blog

It hasn’t found a permanent home since the coral & gold room is under construction it is temporarily in there.  It’ll have to be kept somewhere high because this guy loves his naturally shed deer antlers!

Simply Style Blog
{no deer were harmed by this beast}

I have also had on my mind that I want some really fun bookends but hadn’t found anything I was sold on in the retail market.  Well my other find at the flea market were these owl book ends that I totally loved and proudly “negotiated” for.

Simply Style Blog

Aren’t they just the cutest?  I scored these guys for just $10.  Sure I would have loved to leave with some $1 finds but I would rather get something I have been looking for than a bunch of stuff I had no intention of ever getting!

I would call this flea market adventure a success, I will definitely be back to see what other fun finds I can score from the more reasonable vendors!


3 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds

  1. Lovely finds ! I love the owl book ends you got for $10!!! that is amazing, can’t wait to find such a flea market near my home! I love the ‘after’ look of the chair! Great work and inspirational ideas!

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