Light Me Up

Are you sick of coral and gold yet?  If so this is not the post for you because I most certainly am not and I don’t see this love affair slowing down anytime soon. No way! There ain’t going to be no Kim Kardashian Kris Humphrey 72 day action here so buckle up people it’s going to be a coral and gold infused few months.  Wait, are we over the K’s with the arrival of the direction North West? Moving on….

Remember here and here when I talked about the infamous tall white table lamp I basically fell head over heels for and then mistakenly let go on more than one occasion?

Well never fear home decor aficionados because on one of my recent {and ever so rare} trips to Homesense guess what I found?

A sweet sweet throw pillow!

Just kidding…

Seriously though, why would I have wasted the last 3 minutes of your life going on and on about THE lamp of all lamps again if I hadn’t found this beauty, just chilling with her sister in the lighting aisle.

Simply Style Blog - Light Me Up{the lamp}

Let’s get real, I didn’t pause long enough to take a picture of this pretty lady in the store, I swiftly scooped her up and marched to the front of the store to get a cart so I could continue my shopping pushing my dream baby {sorry future children} around with pride. So speaking of getting real…here she is in my war zone upstairs spare bedroom.

I have the “concept” for this room makeover but wouldn’t you know that now that I am on the hunt for coral it cannot be found anywhere?  Thanks fabric gods, not like I have curtain panels to make and an upholstered headboard to update or anything. Soooooo, that being said, I have only accumulated a few small things for my coral and gold dream space but I could not resist creating a little “vignette” with a few of the items I have so far.

Remember my Coral Hexagon Table?  Well she plays a supporting role to that hunk-a-hunk of lamp right there

Simply Style Blog - Light Me Up

I cannot wait for this room to come together, but I don’t want to “make things work” so it may take some time to track down all the elements.  For now I can keep staring at this little corner of gold and coral heaven!

Simply Style Blog - Light Me Up


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