What’s Going On

It’s a little ridiculous the number of unfinished, half-finished, and not yet even begun projects that are lying around our house right now.  That on top of the few easy projects I managed to complete last week that have not even been shared yet!  I am almost embarrassed to share but thought updating you on what’s to come over here at Simply Style may just give me the accountability motivation required to get some things done!

Current “under construction” projects

  • Wing Chair Reupholster
  • Chevron Cork Board
  • Kitchen Window Treatment
  • Bookcase Backings
  • Lamp Revamp (the millionth edition)
  • Stupidly Simple Bedskirt
  • Baby Hexagon Table Facelift
  • Mr. Bar Cart’s styling

It is actually crazy the number of half finished or nearly finished projects that are currently scattered throughout my home.  Ready for the up and comers… {i am not even going there}

Projects that are still figments of my imagination:

  • Upstairs spare bedroom
  • Office Window Treatment
  • Teak Nesting Tables
  • $4 Pedestal Table
  • Easy tray update
  • DIY upholstered bench
  • Statement Wall Stencilling
  •  Nail head trimmed hutch
  • thrifted tin update
  • Rope handle tray

The list goes on and on and on and I probably haven’t even remembered everything I have to do but you get the idea and hopefully I get the idea that running out and accumulating new projects is probably more unnecessary than the long sleeve sweater I am wearing in 30 degree weather right now.


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