Office Makeover Phase II – Lamp Revamp

If you have been following this blog you know I am no stranger to an inexpensive lamp update.  You would also know that me and spray paint we go waaaaaay back. So, that being said when it came to finding a lamp what did I do?  An inexpensive spray paint lamp update {duh}!  So off to my fav old unwanted lamp dumping ground, Vinnies, where I dug up this bad boy

Image{ignore the painters tape and horrendous picture, I got excited and forgot to take a proper before}

For a total of $4 I had got myself a curvaceous lamp to call my own.  Now they don’t call it an inexpensive lamp revamp for nothing {if you are wondering who “they” is I really have no explanation, apparently I am a plural entity now}. One can of Navy blue spray paint and my $4 lamp with a brand new $10 lamp shade and…..VOILA!

Image{new lamp}

When it comes to spray paint I have a serious “you get what you pay for” belief.  I tried to go cheap with this project {so yes my 1 can of spray paint comment was a lie… oops!} but it dripped and ran and just made my life plain old miserable.  Let’s-be-honest, when it comes to a spray paint project EASY PEASY is what you are looking for so do yourself a favour and start with the good stuff first! My personal choice for this project was Rustoleum from Home Depot.

Image{spray paint}

And there you have it, a brand new {to me} office lamp for under $20!  Gotta love a cheap and easy makeover!


2 thoughts on “Office Makeover Phase II – Lamp Revamp

  1. Spray paint is my best friend for home makeover stuff. Jake always says “There Mama goes again… spray painting everything white.” I just bought some neon colors…can’t wait to use them!

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