Adventures in Reupholstering – Take II

I have so enjoyed decorating and designing our own house, but I am quickly finding myself out of rooms! I haven’t shared everything here yet and though every room is still a work in progress, I was lucky enough to have a great friend take pity on me and at the same time give me a huge compliment when she asked me to help her decorate the brand new beautiful home she and her husband were building.  I look forward to sharing some pictures of the beautiful space they call their own soon!

Before they got the keys and it all came together, she asked if I would help her out by recovering two of these chairs to better match her decor.

Image{the before}

Image{the before – excuse the untidy basement but… we live here!}


You are probably wondering why she asked me to tackle this project for her, but I had a little experience from my own reupholstering project for our house.  Now unlike those disaster chairs I tackled, these beautiful things came apart into two pieces!

Image{the back}

Image{the seat base} 

I started with the seat bases, I removed the two front legs of the chair and the velcro that surrounded the base which holds the dust cover on.  I then pinned a fitted slip cover from the fabric we chose from Fabricland and sewed it.  Much to my celebration it was a perfect fit!


{creating the slip cover}

Then I used my handy dandy Stanley staple gun {which is only pretty much my favourite thing ever} to attach the cover to the frame of the chair and ensure it was nice and secure.

Image{securing the cover to the seat base}

The seat bases were a dream compared to the backs of the chair.  They required a little more work but in the end the whole thing came together.

Image{the finished product}

Check out Mr. Bar Cart hanging out in the corner before he was the suave and sophisticated Mr. Bar Cart he is today.  I was pretty happy with how this reupholstering adventure turned out and I look forward to sharing with you what they look like in their new home!


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