Quick and Easy Upholstered Headboard

Quick and Easy Upholstered Headboard

Seriously, no lie, this is such an EASY project.  I have to give credit where credit is due and in this instance the concept for this easy peasy DIY headboard is all my Mom’s.  That woman was Martha Stewarting before Martha was Stewarting {that is what she does right} and she’s never served time {or at least not that I know of} so take that Martha.

Anyways…. Mom came up with this concept over 6 years ago when together we created my first ever upholstered headboard {that still lives in one of our guest bedrooms}.  Since then I have taken the concept and run with it creating two new upholstered headboards for our master bedroom and downstairs guest bedroom and most recently helping a good friend DIY one for her own guest bedroom. And that is the project I am going to share today!

When my friend pulled me into her guest bedroom one day to tell me how it just wasn’t working for her I knew instantly what we had to do.

Quick and Easy Upholstered Headboard{the before}

What she needed was a brand spanking new upholstered headboard.  Knowing full well her husband would {finally} put his foot down and force her to stop hanging out with me if we headed out and bought a headboard, AND knowing that we could DIY one on the cheap, I pitched my plan.

It shocks me but I know it’s true, not everyone is a DIYer and I really wasn’t sure she would be on board for a do it yourself home project, but she loved the plan and so we got to work.

You are probably wondering how THIS DIY upholstered headboard could possibly be different from all the other upholstered headboards out there.  Well, instead of heading out and picking up fabric, pick up an inexpensive comforter.  I’m not crazy {this was my mom’s idea remember} seriously, a comforter.

Why a comforter you ask, well a comforter is already full of batting, it has great detail in the stitching and is what makes this project so EASY!

We headed out to Walmart and found this comforter for under $25 {what a deal} and when you factor out the cost of fabric and batting you are definitely coming out ahead!

Image{mainstays comforter – Walmart}

Thanks to the lady at Fabricland who saved me a kazillion dollars {i’m pretty sure this is what foam would have ended up coasting for all my projects in my lifetime} when I was tackling my adventure in upholstering who suggested I don’t spend the $60+ dollars on foam from the fabric store and instead head to Walmart or Canadian Tire and pick up one of these for under $20!

Image{the foam – Walmart}

After picking up our supplies from Walmart we headed over to Home Depot and had them cut a piece of plywood to the right size for a queen size bed.  We also picked up some 1 x 2s to use as the legs in order to give the headboard some height.  If you don’t have the space to transport plywood, you can make a frame out of 1 x 2s.  This is what we did when I made the first headboard with my mom as we didn’t have a vehicle big enough.

Image{supplies – Home Depot}

Image{everything you’ll need}

The only other thing needed to complete the quick and easy upholstered headboard is a staple gun.  I adore my inexpensive power one we picked up when our local Rona was closing, for $20 it has been my go to tool for many of our projects.

Ok, time to make your headboard.

We cleared a big space on the floor and laid the foam out, then we laid the plywood on top and stapled it.  We made sure to turn the foam over the top and sides of the headboard and weren’t too worried about the bottom as no one would be leaning against it.  Also when you are using a comforter you will likely have excess that will wrap right around the bottom!

Image{stapling the foam}

Once you have the foam all stapled you will have a nice covered plywood board, not a headboard yet.  As you can see we put the egg carton side against the wood so the smooth side would be out.  I like using these mattress toppers because they are one solid sheet of foam, so you don’t need any glues or spray adhesives and they give a nice smooth surface.

Image{after covering with foam}

We laid the board out on the comforter and screwed the “legs” {otherwise known as 1 x 2s} into the back of the board.  This project goes faster without the help of our furry friends but who could say no to that sweet post surgery guy {and lets be honest, pets don’t get turned away during any of my projects}.

Image{attaching the legs – cameo by Jack aka Mr. Wilson}

Believe it or not we are moving into the last step of this project.  Just staple the comforter around your foam covered plywood.  It turned out the comforter we picked up had this was  fabulous square detail so we made sure to line up the comforter accordingly with our plywood so the squares wouldn’t be crooked.  Then we simply stapled all around the edges {with a little holding help from Mr. Wilson}.

Image{stapling the comforter to the plywood}

I like to double the comforter under to give  a nice clean edge but depending on the size you may not have enough extra, or you may have enough to cover the entire back of the plywood as well {which is great wall protection}.


That’s it.  You’re done.  No seriously.  Done.  The whole project took us maybe 30 minutes and that was with the help of Mr. Wilson.  Now you just have to stand up your uber easy headboard and admire it in all your DIY glory.

We were debating nail head trim but when we saw the awesome square pattern we opted to keep it plain.  You could easily tuft this one on the intersections of the squares if you wanted a little extra something but the clean modern lines of this was just what this guest bedroom needed.

Quick and Easy Upholstered Headboard
{before & after}

Heres what you need to complete your own Quick and Easy Upholstered Headboard


  • Comforter {we used a queen}
  • Eggshell foam bed topper {we used a double}
  • Plywood {for queen cut to 60″ wide and whatever height you want}
  • 1 x 2s if you want a little extra height
  • Staple Gun & staples

Total cost – under $60



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