More Shopping Adventures

It has been awhile since I have shared a shopping adventure so I thought it was appropriate that I share some of my most recent home decor finds.  As our house moves closer and closer to “complete” {no home is ever complete} I find myself in the market for less and less. My bank account thanks me but my home decor and design ADD finds it painful, and that’s why I take so many pictures.  So, here is what I am loving lately {in no particular order}

Image{this just spoke to me – HomeSense}

Image{all about lucite – HomeSense}

Image{love these lines – HomeSense}Image{how much do you adore a silver side table, how about five – HomeSense}

Image{and even with all the glam and bling, a real wood piece gets me every time – HomeSense}

Image{amazing legs on this piece – HomeSense}

Image{they say geometric is done, i say no way – HomeSense}

Image{we all know me and silver have something special – HomeSense}

Image{ok not in green but mirrored with a pop of colour, love – HomeSense}

Image{you can’t tell here but that is in fact a mirrored wine rack side table – HomeSense}

Image{the softest low shag in a great tonal stripe – HomeSense}

Image{how about a geometric shag – HomeSense}

Image{great pop of colour with a fun geometric – HomeSense}

Image{this was only $90, why didn’t i bring it home?! – HomeSense}

Image{no reason the little people can’t be stylin’ too – HomeSense}

Image{i thought this would make an amazing change table}

Image{raw wood and metal accents, be still my heart – HomeSense}

Image{check out the wheels on that coffee table – HomeSense}

Image{great living room or bedroom set – HomeSense}

Image{i just can’t get enough tufting – HomeSense}

Image{charcoal grey, nail head trim, what more do you want – HomeSense}

Image{love all the raw wood but the geometric candle holder is amazing – HomeSense}

Image{and it’s coordinating urn – HomeSense}

Image{this almost found a home in my office – HomeSense}

Image{ i can never bypass the lamp section – HomeSense}

Image{colin & justin at it again – HomeSense}

Image{convex with a round shade or concave with a square shade, your choice – HomeSense}

Image{if I could have a chandelier in my family room this would be it – HomeSense}

Image{lanterns were on sale and I didn’t even bring one home – HomeSense}

Image{for only $99.99 this lamp makes a subtle statement – HomeSense}

Image{yes those 3 tables were on for $89.99 and now live in my girlfriends house – Urban Barn}

Image{chevron throw – Urban Barn}

Image{turquoise chevron throw and happy Buddha – Urban Barn}

Image{for some reason i loved this bird print, would add a great pop of colour – Urban Barn}

Image{2 chevron feather insert pillows for $29.99 – HomeSense}

Image{selecting pillows for another friends home – HomeSense}

Image{love the bling of these mid range blue pillows paired with the pattern – HomeSense}

Image{she went for the long one in front and the patterned so far – HomeSense}

Image{driftwood storage stool – HomeSense}

Image{wood stump stools, a potential DIY – HomeSense}

Image{great statement mirror – HomeSense}

Image{there’s that geometric again – HomeSense}

Image{mirrored love – HomeSense}

Image{another silver side stable, on sale – HomeSense}

Image{modern sofa table – HomeSense}

Image{navy chevron, and it didn’t make it to my family room – HomeSense}

Image{and they say geometric’s done – HomeSense}

Image{chevron lamp love – HomeSense}

Image{the bottom step folds up, great for my shoe closet – HomeSense}

Image{those giant lamps i love some much – HomeSense}

Image{now that’s a mirror – HomeSense}

Image{are you surprised?! more mirrored furniture – HomeSense}

Image{nailhead trim, my next DIY – HomeSense}

Image{more silver stools – HomeSense}

Image{love the unique twist of these tables – HomeSense}

I love sharing what is inspiring me lately and hope it inspires you too! Are you looking for anything particular to fill your space?  What is speaking to you in home decor lately?


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