Dresser Dress Up

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the sun is shining, the air is warm and that’s right …  it’s GARAGE SALE SEASON!  Ok well this post is about two weeks late being as we are moving into the tail end of garage sale season but none-the-less, garage sale season is here!

Sure you may think I am crazy, you’re probably thinking “what is a garage sale but an opportunity for people to get rid of all their garbage?” and I have to agree with you about 95% of the time {you can really hit some duds}, but then there is that other elusive 5% of garage sales, the real deal, the big score, where you pull up to find a major STEAL or the absolute most perfect piece you have been looking high and low for, and those ladies and gentlemen, those are the garage sales you and looking for and exactly why garage sale season is so fantastic.

It was last year near the end of May when I first heard about the Gilmour Street Garage Sale.  I was pretty disappointed it was not until after the fact I had to discovered that one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in our community hosts a MASSIVE garage sale every year with the majority of the proceeds going to charity. I couldn’t believe I had missed this hidden gem right within my own city but I was determined to make it there this year.  I recruited my shopping partner-in-crime and new DIYer and off we went early Saturday morning.  I was not really on the hunt for anything in particular since I had already picked up some pretty sweet finds a few weeks back but she was desperately searching for a buffet/sideboard/hutch for her dinning room.  I somehow had convinced her that a repurposed painted piece was the way to go and she had somehow convinced her husband and so after weeks of no luck on Kijiji, we were really hoping for a great find this Saturday morning.

We walked up and down the streets that were participating, it was cold, windy and I think we were too late {even though we were 15 minuets before the advertised start time} for any real good finds.  After I used all my will power to pass up Mr. Bar Cart II {why oh why didn’t I buy that $10 bar cart} we crossed the street into some of the side streets that were also participating.  As we came upon the first house there it was THE perfect credenza/hutch/sideboard/buffet when we  were told it was only $10 we definitely didn’t need the 5 minutes of garage sale sales pitch that followed {let your cast offs sell themselves people}.

I mentioned she’s a DIY rookie, well she also lacks the patience gene much like myself and got started before I could snag a before picture.Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{the $10 sideboard in the middle of priming}

We loaded the piece into the truck {that is after going back to my house to pick up the truck which needed to be boosted by my darling husband because I had left the lights on the night before and drained the battery, not good garage sale planning!} and headed to drop it off at my friends house.  We figured we would pass through a few other neighbourhoods on the way just to see what was going on, as we rounded the bend of one street we realize my friends sister-in-law was having a garage sale so we got out to say hi, and there was a giant solid wood dresser with a price tag of $15 {if you were wondering when I would get to the actual dresser part of the post you found it}.  Obviously that was coming home with me, so we went and dropped the hutch in my friends garage and headed back to pick up my new {to me} $15 dresser.

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{my $15 find}

We decided that Sunday would be a painting party of our new pieces and so we put my dresser in her garage with the hutch and headed out to get paint.  If you have read this blog {like ever} you may have a sneaking suspicion we headed to Benjamin Moore to pick up, you guessed it, ADVANCE {I should start receiving my cut for how often I mention this paint annnnnnnny day now – not!}

I took all the drawers out, removed all the hardware and got to priming.  Of course I didn’t sand or do any prep, there was no need when I was using my most favourite primer ever, Stix.

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{ready for priming}

As you know, I don’t have a whole lot of patience but for argument sake you could say I did two coats or primer {and didn’t allow full drying time between coats}.

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{priming}

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{priming}

After we were done priming we headed out to a Pampered Chef party and after that we painted.  I chose my favourite white, Chantilly Lace, since it was going in our bedroom and it would match everything else.  I primed and painted using a plush roller, and a Purdy paint brush for the areas that couldn’t be rolled.  After I was done painting I called on some of that patience I keep stored away for important situations and left the dresser to dry for a week.  Since I was using the Advance paint which has an enamel finish when dry and fully cured, I wanted to be sure I didn’t let my lack of patience get in the way of a good finish.

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{painted}

After we picked it up I attached the new hardware I had picked up at Home Depot and we had a brand new {to us} dresser.

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{the finished product}

I was much to lazy {and impatient} to fill any of the previously existing holes from the hardware so I opted for a double handle look for where the Star Trek style handle previously stood and though three handles may be a little excessive for the bottom two centre drawers, I embraced it!

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{finished product}

And with a little bit of styling and some silver and mirrored accents……

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{after}

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{after}

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{after}

Dresser – $15
Primer – on hand
Paint one quart (needed just a splash more than I had on hand) – $24.99
Drawer pulls 8 @ $2.18 each = $4.36
Drawer Knobs small 4 @ $1.26 each = $5.04
Drawer Knobs large 8 @ $1.96 each = $15.68
Total Hardware Cost (with tax) = $28.34
TOTAL COST = $68.33

For under $70 we have a brand new dresser and I have enough Chantilly Lace Advance to paint a whole lot more!

Simply Style Blog - Dresser Dress Up{before and after}


5 thoughts on “Dresser Dress Up

  1. I love it Tori! I need to hire you to come finish my projects. My problem is I buy all these things and then they sit in my garage 😦 PS…I almost bought that bar cart at Gilmore lol.

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