Flooring Adventure

**this post contains very poor quality pictures, please forgive me**

When we moved into our house the basement was carpeted except for the kitchenette area. It was cheap, low pile almost industrial stuff.  When we bought the house we figured we’d live with it for awhile and then eventually lay laminate.  Heres the only before picture I have, it was snapped quickly while we were doing a walk through of the house, posts on that lovely baby poop bead board you may remember from the foyer to come.

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{before}

That plan was quickly kiboshed when I came home to all the carpet ripped out one night {I guess husband got bored}.

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{taking out the carpet}

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{lovely stained underpad}

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{the mess}

We lived with the concrete jungle in its state of complete disarray for months and months.  I bleach washed the floors {yes the concrete} but for some reason that pesky cat smell was still around.  As Christmas quickly approached, and with it the imminent arrival of both our families we knew something had to be done so out we went one night, on the hunt for flooring.

We had been looking at different places for laminate basically since we moved in and realized that my design obsessed self would have a LOT of trouble living in the forrest green grungey carpet.  We really didn’t want to spend a lot of money, nor could we afford to and were looking to keep it around $1.50 a square foot.  We walked into our last stop, Home Hardware, and headed back to the flooring section where we saw nothing.  As we were leaving {somewhat disappointed and prepared to go over budget to get a deccent floor} Patrick noticed skids of laminate flooring, I looked at the first, no too grey, the second no eww it was orange, there wasn’t enough of the third and then there was the fourth, when I looked at the fourth I heard those angels I occasionally shop with sing their sweet little song.  It was a wide board laminate in the perfect colour with just the right amount of {faux} naturalness going on.  I liked it and then I looked up and saw the price sign reading $0.81 a square foot.  Well my like for this particular floor quickly turned to love and I may have thrown myself across the pile so no one else could get near it.  No, no that didn’t happen, but I did instruct my lovely husband to stand guard while I went to get an associate and some help.  Next thing you knew we were loading some 40 odd boxes of the stuff into the back of the vehicle {thank goodness for it}.

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{still loading}

When we got home we were a two man ugh two person floor unloading team as we piled it all into one of the downstairs bedrooms where it would anxiously sit until the weekend when we could finally tackle our long awaited project.

Patrick had laid flooring before so we figured to save money this was a project we would tackle ourselves.  After an hour or so,{a few words, a contemplation of turning the house into two units so we could live happily apart} we finally got the hang of it and started getting it down in no time!

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{progress}

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{our helper sleeping on the job}

 Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{almost there}

We were able to finish this space in a day and then went on to tackle the two bedrooms and the hallway over the next few weekday evenings.  We didn’t think the bedrooms were quite as bad as the living space….

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{we don’t get much done without our helper}

 Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{the lovely shade of teal/mint}

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{it was all pretty nasty}

After hours and hours, a few blood blisters for Patrick and bruised knees for me, we were finally finished!  It was a great feeling when we got it all done, and just in time for christmas!

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{just need to do the quarter round}

Obviously I painted before the floors went in but details on the family room are for another post! As far as flooring goes, we just have one little project left to finish up our flooring adventure…..

Simply Style Blog - Flooring Adventure{the nastiness continues on the stairs}


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