Shopping Adventures

As you well know by now, I find shopping therapeutic.  I can honestly wander around and buy NOTHING but just the act of shopping seems calming.  I am entirely aware that this is not normal and probably not all that healthy {for me or my bank account} but hey, it’s the truth!

The other day I headed into Whitby with a girlfriend for a little wandering.  We are somewhat limited here in the ‘Burough when it comes to home decor so it was fun to see some new things.  Unfortunately I was not the best photographer, for some reason I forgot to take lots of pictures but here are just a few things I loved!

I went into Pier1 Imports for the first time in forever.  I have to say I find that store a little bit overwhelming.  It is always jam packed with stuff and the bright colours and bold prints all grouped everywhere just makes it all a bit much for me.  I did spy this barrel shaped side table.  Pretty sure it is for outside but would look great in our basement as either a side table or ottoman. I love that the top lifted off and you could store blankets in here!

{Pier 1 Imports – Wicker Storage Ottoman/Side Table}

Next stop Target {be sure to say that Tar-Jay, it sounds way swankier}.  As many of you know Target made it’s long awaited Canadian debut back in March and many stores continue to open across the country.  I had only made it to one Target and since we were right near another we thought we would check it out.  They already had things on sale!

This little white end table wasn’t on sale but for $79.99 it’s a great deal! I love the mirror on the drawer with the overlaying geometric pattern.  I have a slight mirrored furniture fetish, it is completely healthy and manageable … that is until I see mirrored furniture!

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{Target – Mirror Detail Side Table}

These cute little stools spoke to me as sometimes home decor does {it’s a condition, look it up}.  I love a good wide stripe and check out the cute little legs on these guys.

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{Target – Stools}

Next up was this sea foam geometric table.  I have been eyeing it ever since I stumbled upon it in Pinterest land and then saw it at the opening of the store near me.  It is on sale now for $55.99! I hate to bash my beloved HomeSense but they are selling a nearly identical table {in neon yellow and orange} on clearance now for still $100!  Oh and check out that hunk-a-hunk of wood beside the pretty little sea foam lady.  He was also on sale for $55.99 and if I could justify it right now he would have been coming home with me! I am loving real wood accents in our family room and he would have fit the bill just right!Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{Target – Geometric Sea Foam Table $55.99}

Next stop, the very dangerous and ever so beautiful Urban Barn.  To all my fellow Canadians out there, I am sure you can sympathize with the fact that we sometimes get a little looked over when it comes to stylish and on trend home decor for a reasonable price.  Sure you can trot yourself into all those high end boutiques and drop a pretty penny to get what I am talking about but when it comes to a more accessible alternative we are limited.  Enter Urban Barn.  Sure some may argue that Urban Barn is not exactly low budget and I would have to agree but for the style and product I think there prices are definitely reasonable.

When I walk into Urban Barn I feel like it is a store made for me.  I would say about 90% of the merchandise is totally my taste and the other 10% is not too far off.  What’s this below? Mirrored furniture? Told you I have a problem.

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{Urban Barn – Mirrored Coffee Table}

Don’t just look at that sexy mirrored coffee table with the over cluttered styling but just about everything in this poorly positioned iPhone photo is beautiful.  I adore the rug and if you look closely you can see the charcoal grey tufted couch!

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{Urban Barn – Mirrored Coffee Table}

Alright so a little background about the lamp below.  Almost a year ago now while stalking casually perusing the aisles of HomeSense {what, I never go there!} I came across two lamps that were likely the teenage cousin to the little beauty below.  Standing about 3 1/2 feet tall they were tall curvaceous statuesque things of beauty {don’t worry I know I am still talking about lamps here} and they were only $79.99 each.  We had just moved into the house and I couldn’t justify $200 on lamps right then.  I visited them basically daily until the sad sad day that my lamps were gone.  I could have cried, actually I think I did.  It was one of those things that I will forever kick myself over.

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{Urban Barn – Lamp regular $159.99 sale $129.99}

Well I am kicking myself a little harder these days after seeing my lamps {may the rest in peace – yes I am assuming they found a completely dreadful home} little sister sitting on this mirrored dresser at Urban Barn.  See that big orange sale tag, yea it got me excited too.  She was on sale from $159.99 for $129.99, yup that is basically what I could have snagged the pair for back in the day.  Oh how I love you lamp!

You’re probably wondering, what not HomeSense but lets be serious, obviously we went to HomeSense.  This large chevron carpet for $199 is a steal! It would look pretty awesome in our family room!

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{HomeSense Chevron Carpet – $199.99}

I love nesting tables.  I don’t know what it is but there is something about a set of nesting tables that just makes me happy!  Maybe it’s that under that one table are two more cute little tables that can be separated at any time to hold a drink when guests are around but whatever it is, I sure do love nesting tables.  Our HomeSense recently got my dream nesting tables, these mirrored bad boys below.

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{HomeSense – Mirrored Nesting Tables starting at $49.99}

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{HomeSense – Mirrored Nesting Tables starting at $49.99}

They also had these ones that I think I may tackle as a potential DIY for the family room.  I love the raw wood tops coupled with the industrial feel of the piping that is the legs.

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{HomeSense – Nesting Tables}

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{HomeSense – Nesting Tables}

We also saw this AMAZING piece.  You would definitely need the right room or space to house it but I love love loved it {ignore the poorly styled pillows}.

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures {HomeSense – Stylish Seating}

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{HomeSense – Stylish Seating}

As you know I like basically adore button tufting and nail head trim on furniture.  Something about the classic yet modern feel it gives totally works for me.  The back on this chair probably stood about 5 feet high.  I think it would look absolutely amazing in the right foyer or entry way and loved the impact it would make.

 Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures{HomeSense – The Big Chair}

These lamps reminded me of the Urban Barn ones I shared above but only they’re blue!  The Colin & Justin line that HomeSense seems to be carrying lately generally has some great pieces!

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures {HomeSense – Lamps}

More table hardware.  I love great little detail on furniture, and the hardware on these tables is a completely reasonable DIY!

Simply Style Blog - Shopping Adventures      {HomeSense – DIY inspiration table}

That’s all for my shopping adventures!  Do you have any great finds or neat inspiration pieces that you have seen lately?


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