Thrift Store Finds: Mr. Bar Cart

Every once in awhile, while perusing Pinterest or some of my favourite blogs I will be inspired to get out and see what sweet deals I can find.  It seems to be happening a lot more recently as I find myself stopping into our local St. Vincent de Paul (Vinnies), our Habitat ReStore or Value Village.  Our resale, and thrifting options are limited but every now again I will find something that is just perfect for a project.  Sadly I have never had any major finds like Sherry or Katie but not too long ago, on a random trip to Value Village I spotted this bad boy.

{my value village find}

{bar cart}

Yes ladies and gentleman that is none other than the infamous bar cart!  You may be familiar with him from such appearances at some high end home decor retailers.  Here are some of my favourite bar carts that I have seen all over Pinterest, magazines and the web.

{source – Maison 21)

{source – Veranda}

{source – Design Chic}

{source – Restoration Hardware}

Needless to say Mr. Bar Cart was everywhere and sporting a hefty price tag right along with his stylish good looks, so, needless to say when I spotted this number sitting right inside my very own Value Village, I trampled every Granny walked calmly and slowly over to it.  I was careful not to draw any attention to myself because you never know when another design obsessed bargain hunter may also be on the prowl.  When I finally made it to said bar cart I was a little nervous to find out what price ticket this vintage Value Village version would be sporting.  I don’t know if you know but the prices at Value Village have been getting a little crazy lately, where I once was able to find a coffee table for $7.99 they are now selling for $24.99 and some even $39.99.  There is no denying that is still a good deal {depending on the coffee table} but $7.99 made turning it into a cute upholstered bench so much easier to swallow.

Anyways, I slowly flipped the tag hanging from Mr. Bar Cart’s shoulder and what did I see?

{bar cart – $4.99}

THAT!! That is what I saw, a little tag sporting the ever so reasonable price of $4.99!  FOUR NINETY-NINE can you believe it? That’s four dollars and ninety-nine cents, jeez lets call it $5 I don’t care, compared to its brothers and sisters and cousins that have been popping up everywhere $4.99 was a STEAL!

Obviously I continued to act with poise and grace when I nearly screamed a little shriek of excitement, quickly looked around to see if I could share my joy of this bargain with anyone around me and then proceeded to drag Mr. Bar Cart around the store with me making a helluva racket everywhere I went.  Usually I wouldn’t be so keen on drawing so much attention to myself but this time I was so excited you can bet I wanted everyone in that Value Village to see me and my bar cart and think “Wow, check out that sweet bar cart”.  In reality I doubt anyone in the store even knew what a bar cart was let alone how in style they had recently become and more likely were wondering why a 20-something girl felt that dragging a piece of brass on wheels around Value Village on a Saturday was a good idea, but I much prefer the first scenario.

So you’ve probably guessed that I happily paid my $5.64 for my very own bar cart, loaded it into the back of my car and headed home, where Mr. Bar Cart has now lived for the last 3 months or so.  I knew he needed a new paint job but it was too cold out to spray paint effectively so he just had to wait.  Very few visitors appreciated my bar cart as much as me but I knew that Mr. Brass Bar Cart could be something fabulous!

{the before}

Well this weekend we finally experienced some warmer weather and I was able to get out back and get my DIY on.  I had a million and one projects on the go and I am pretty sure my neighbours think I am absolutely nuts {they’d be right} because if they looked over the fence, spread throughout our backyard were different painting, staining and spray painting projects {I had a very productive weekend}.   I had some silver spray paint on hand from a previous project so I taped off Mr. Bar Cart’s black wheels and got to spraying.

{my weapon of choice}

{taped off the wheels}

I had the whole day and was sure to let it dry very well between coats.  Two coats was all I really needed then I flipped him over and did the underside.  Once he had dried completely I brought him inside, removed the tape from his wheels, cleaned the glass shelves and put him back together!  I am kind of in love with what an easy peasy coat of spray paint can do for previously forgotten home décor.  I have been using it in a lot of my projects lately and am enjoying the quick and easy update it offers.

{the finished product – oh hi shaq}

When I picked up Mr. Bar Cart, I really had no idea where he was going to go but for $5 I couldn’t resist.  I then thought he would live in the basement family room {like he had been for months} but now that he is all sprayed up pretty and silver I think he may have to make his home in the living room where he coordinates oh so well.  Here is where he is at right now.  With some simple styling and a few accessories I think my $5 bar cart will be a pretty fun addition to our home.

{the after}

{the after}

The total cost for the project was just the bar cart itself at $5.64 {that’s $4.99 plus tax} the tape and spray paint I had on hand.  I will need to spend a little on accessories to get him all spruced up but I am thinking those could be potential thrift finds as well.  I can’t wait to share the finished product once Mr. Bar Cart is styled and finds his permanent home.

Do you have any amazing thrift store finds?


3 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds: Mr. Bar Cart

  1. I have been seeing bar cart’s everywhere as well, from pinterest to magazines to shows on tv, and secretely have been wanting one, so I am very jelous of your super cheap find. I can’t wait to see how you decorate it!!! I recently found, at Vinnies, a wine rack that holds 30 bottles for only $8, I have been making my own wine and storing them in the crappy, ugly cardboard boxes the bottles came in just wasn’t doing it for me, but every one I looked at in stores was sooo not in my budget right at the moment. So this solid wood, hand crafted, easily stainable or paintable (whenever I get my butt around to actually DIY’ing something) wine rack made me do a little dance. I am loving your blog Tori!!!!

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