Fashion Friday

I have a new love.  It married my old love fashion, and together has created a mini monster of sorts.  My new love, consignment shopping, the mini monster, well me.

I can’t lie to you, I have never “thrifted” any of my clothes, I have read the blogs and seen the amazing finds of those that do but unless I have just been looking in the wrong places, I cannot seem to make it work for me.  Consignment shopping is an entirely different animal.  When you are dealing with a designer consignment shop you are dealing with high end consigners, people who barely use (or don’t at all in some cases) their clothes and when you have a good consignment owner, everything is in impeccable shape.

I discovered the concept of high end designer consignment back in February when I was experiencing a full blown fashion crisis (you know when you want to replace EVERYTHING you own).  My sister and I were both set to visit our parents in Burlington, Ontario and decided I would look into a few shops in the area we could check out.  I somehow stumbled upon the amazing Wish Boutique and knew we had to see what it was all about.

I was a little hesitant to pile my mom and sister in the car and head to a place I knew little about. You see, I have drug my family on many a wild goose chases before.  Patrick still wonders why I have to enter Value Village every time we are near one since I never rarely buy anything, but call me the undying optimist (or if you know me you probably wont) when it comes to fashion and home decor I am always looking for that one special find.

Anyways off to Wish we went, I had a fairly good idea of what to except as owner Leah has done a great job with their Facebook page but when we walked through the doors I thought I died and went to designer heaven.  It is not a huge space but it is a perfectly laid out and tastefully decorated.  You can tell Leah has spent a great deal of time organizing the store to ensure it is fun and easy to shop.

I really had no intentions of buying anything that day but my denim and jacket obsession got the better of me and I was able to snag a pair of Victoria Beckham jeans for $70 and a cute black spring jacket that still had the tags on it for only $30.  The customer service was amazing and the selection and prices were awesome.  I may be heading for a visit to Burlington this weekend and you know that Wish will be on my to do list!

After the fun we had at Wish Boutique, I knew I wanted to check out a few more.  Leah pointed us in the direction of Closet 112 and By Consignment Boutique in Oakville, Ontario.    I was able to snag a short black Zara coat with the most amazing bell sleeves for only $18 from By Consignment and at Closet 112 I picked up the lululemon wrap sweater that I have been dying for another of (but they no longer make) for $60.

Sadly, in Peterborough I have yet to find a designer consignment shop but this just means more adventures and searches for new places to check out on our visits to family and friends!

My mother-in-law recently told me about Rikochet Resale, a designer Consignment in Ottawa, Ontario and now I am itching to get to Ottawa for a visit so her and I can check it out in person.  Rikochet has an amazing website and a great Facebook page which I have liked and follow to see what is new and exciting as they had the handbag I have been dying for (its picture has been on our fridge since November and we don’t keep anything on our fridge).  Unfortunately my MK Hamilton had found a new home by the time I contacted Rikochet but, their customer service was great and they will ship to me which is even better!

I also stumbled upon Crimson Clover Boutique in Halifax, Nova Scotia (my former stomping grounds and the place I left my heart).  This is an amazing consignment shop that I now follow religiously on Facebook.  They are always posting new items and I can’t wait to check them out this summer when I get back out east!

These are just a few of my fav consignment boutiques that I have managed to stumble upon.  Do you have any tried and true favourites?  What about online consignment shopping?  I have been looking into it but haven’t ventured there too much just yet.  Who doesn’t love saving money on great designer  finds?


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