Retail Therapy

Are we ready for another therapy session? Obviously I have visited HomeSense, a store with which I have a perfectly healthy and acceptable relationship, on several occasions since my last therapy post. So here are a few of my finds that I loved!


Geometric 3 piece art sets – $39.99Image

I think this is going to act as some DIY inspiration for an addition to the family room… this one was priced at $59.99, I know I can DIY this for a lot less!Image

I would never buy this ($29.99) but this is also a print that you could easily DIY.  The significance of this will make a lot more sense when I share my brand new “shoe closet” Image

Is anyone else as obsessed with lanterns as I am?  As we enter summer #2 where these are totally instyle I am determined to get one for outside this year.  This giant two and a half feet tall one was only $49.99!Image

$399.99 – Chevron….. ohhhhhh chevron!


This one lives in my girlfriends kitchen now!Image

$39.99 – It came in all these colours! Image

The green one came for a test drive in our kitchen but found its way back the next day as it just wasn’t working for me!Image

I loved this blue and grey one but had nowhere for it to live…..Image

I have a weird obsession with benches, I have DIYd my own and currently have a table in my shed to do one for my Mom but this grey chevron with nailhead trim for only $199 was almost a new addition to our living room.Image

I am absolutely in love with this mirrored industrial looking end table.  $229.99 is not doable right now annnnnnnd I have nowhere for it to go but I still love it!Image

I have an obsession with all these decorative boxes.  I have one of the coloured ones on my shelves in the family room but the new mirrored versions are also pretty awesome. This one was $29.99Image

Two classic armchairs with nail head embellishment. I am a little obsessed with nail head…..


This is a shag geometric rug, and it would come live in our living room if I didn’t have a little 7 year old chihuahua who decided to not be potty trained from time to time, ohhhhhh but I am so in love with it!Image

As you now know, I have a geometric obsession, I sent this picture to one of my girlfriends who informed me she had just returned it because it was pulled! At least I know what she likes!Image

Thought this oversized ornate plastic mirror could make for a fun update project.Image

Well that’s all for now, I am sure I will attend therapy again soon and have more inspiration to share with you!


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