Are We Going to Buy a House Today

After living in Peterborough for just over a year, we decided it may be time to check out the housing market again.  We had contemplated home ownership when we originally moved here in March 2011 but decided it would be best to feel our the community before putting down any solid roots.  We contacted an AMAZING mortgage broker Mike Jones of Centum Core Financial Inc. and got an idea of what we could afford.  Then we began working with a Realtor to determine what was out there in our price range to determine if we even wanted to buy, or wanted to wait until I was finished school (again).  We had been to a few open houses and such but was not over the moon impressed with what we had seen.  We were totally willing to wait another year but just wanted a good idea of what this city had to offer in our price range.  So, we decided to take one afternoon and tour about 6 properties.  When we met our Realtor at the first home his first words were “Are we going to buy a house today?”

As first time homebuyers, Patrick and I were optimistic to say the least.  I know this sounds like the complete opposite of everything you hear on TV, where they tell first time buyers to “lower your expectations” and “look past things” but this was never an issue for either of us.  I can easily see past poor, awful, tragic even downright disastrous paint colours (you just wait!) and look more to the great structural elements or overall layout and Patrick, well he’s just good about letting me have my way.

We originally thought we wanted a “fixer-upper” though we weren’t entirely certain of our DIY abilities at the time, we liked the idea of saving some $$ and making our house our own.  We looked at a few “fixer uppers” (that would better be referred to as tear me down start a new you don’t know what you are getting yourself into) but realized that structural issues and whole room guts, were not our cup of tea, not for our first home at least.  Sooooooo when we walked through this cute little split-entry beauty we were pleasantly surprised.

Isn’t she cute, aside from the peeing boy statue in the front garden (sorry statue lovers, not my thing) the curb appeal was rather nice.  Our realtor was smart.  He knew a BIG part of our home buying experience was having a yard and an awesome outdoor space so when we pulled up to this stop on our tour, he first and foremost walked us into this…..



That’s right, this is my tranquil paradise.  I actually love looking at this right now as despite it being April and the fact that we are expecting snow again in two days (BOO Canadian winter), this just reminds me that the muddy grey and bleak looking abyss that is currently our yard, will in a few short weeks (optimism) look like this again!


Anyways… when we walked back here I am pretty sure Patrick I and looked at each other and knew it was over, BUT we had seen a few nice yards before and then walked into the “my cat pees everywhere and my pipes leak don’t you love the smell of musty water” houses to quickly turn around and run! So before getting too excited we knew we had to see the inside.

We walked into a very cute and well laid out split entry or raised bungalow (depending where you come from) and compared to the other spots we’d toured that day, we were kinda impressed.  This house had a lot of space, was well laid out and was not a fixer upper, I mean sure you could rip out carpet, and “update” as you wished but with the house only being 14 years young, it was looking pretty good for just hitting the teen years!

We were told before entering that there was already a registered offer on the property but as soon as Patrick and I saw the potential “man land” and pretty much the whole house, we knew we too had to make an offer too.  Yay! Our first offer and a bidding war at that… gotta love it!  So in the period of about 4 hours, we toured 6 homes, wrote an offer and found out we were going to be homeowners.

We were beyond excited but a little shocked and overwhelmed too.  After all, when we went to meet our agent that day we were just “getting an idea” we had no intention to buy a house that day but looking back, are we ever glad we did.


Our Home

We’ve been in the house since the end of July 2012 and in that time have done A LOT.  Our “this isn’t a fixer upper” turned into a WOW we’ve done a lot, or at least we think so!

So, now that you’ve seen the little split-entry we call home, it’s time to share the projects, the good, the bad and the ugly!



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